The Views Of Jason Hope On Smart Technology

Jason Hope is an expert on the latest trends in technology. He is quite excited about the Internet of Things and how it is going to change the way in which the world operates today. Jason Hope states that smart technology is just considered as a convenience by many. But soon, it is going to become the only way to move forward in the future. Within just a few years, the general public that is using computers or smartphones to go online will start using this technology. The range will soon expand to include the morning routines such as making coffee or even turning off the lights in the home or putting on the home alarm system while leaving for work.

In terms of business, Jason Hope explains that the biggest competition will be among the companies to create and provide the most useful apps for consumers that are relevant to them. These should be able to engage with the consumer in their daily lives. Besides, they have to be compatible across various devices. The one that will succeed will provide the highest utility for consumers. Jason Hope states that there will be fierce competition in this area over the next few years.

Jason Hope states that the biggest advantage of the Internet of Things is that it can eliminate a lot of waste. Besides, it can make our daily lives safe too. One area that will benefit a lot is public transportation. There can be better monitoring of trains and buses. This will help in providing timely maintenance services. There can be a real-time mapping of various public bus routes. This will help in avoiding any dangerous conditions on the road. Besides, the traffic conditions can be known on the roads beforehand so that alternate routes can be taken. This will lead to public satisfaction. Hence people will opt for public transportation. This means lesser cars on roads leading to less congestion. Besides improving the road conditions, it will also lead to lesser pollution along with fewer traffic accidents.



This way the Internet of Things is going to impact all aspects of life.



Moving Onward and Upward with Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is an institutional investor with over 15 years experience. He began his career path by attending the University of Oxford, where he studied law and obtained his degree in Jurisprudence. He went on to Columbia Law School where he earned his Master’s degree in law.

Early Career to Present Time

Sam Tabar worked as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates for just over five years. He moved on to Sparx Group as the Managing Director. While he was there, his duties included overseeing the global marketing sector, provided monthly performance reports, assisted on legal matters, and he raised over 500 million for equity and credit products. Mr. Tabar’s next move was to Merrill Lynch as Director and Head of Capital Strategy.

He built and managed teams for making capital introductions, acted as a go-between for hedge fund managers, and organized numerous capital introduction conferences. He is currently serving as Partner for FullCycleFund. While he has been working here, he has helped create a highly customized list of 450 investors and has raised significant amounts of money for the company.

Social Media Presence

Sam Tabar is very active in social media. His Twitter feed contains a mixture of business advice and current happenings in the business world. He focuses on large companies along with giving advice to companies just starting out. He is also very active on Facebook.

His Facebook profile is an interesting mix of personal photos and stories with his friends and interviews he is going to do or has done recently. He also answers questions and talks to anyone who comments on the posts. This keeps him connected to his client base. Sam Tabar also talks about conservation efforts and seminars that are going on, as well as video posts from the seminars so everyone can see what he saw. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

Mr. Tabar has been a very hands-on businessman for years and shows no sign of changing his strategies. He will continue to move onward and upward into the future.

Todd Lubar’s Impact

Currently the president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. An entrepreneur and businessman Lubar has more than two decades of experience working in the real estate industry. He takes great pride in making the dreams of potential home owners come true. Recently Lubar sat down with Ideamensch to share some insight into his success and what drive him every day.

The idea for Lubar’s current company, TDL Global Ventures, came from an interesting place. Lubar had spent more than twenty years working in finance and credit. He understood the struggle that potential buyers go through. He was determined to come up with a plan that eliminated barriers that can often keep potential buyers from receiving loans. TDL Global Ventures was that plan.

Lubar is dedicated to his craft. His typical day consists of a routine that he has established over time. He starts with a good breakfast and time with his family. He gets in a workout and checks email for the day. This routine is key to his success as he gets the most important things in first. He then sets off for the day. His will to succeed is what he believes is the key to his success.

Lubar prides himself on being productive. He keeps myself very organized and in constant communication about every part of his business. He is cautious about the people he puts around him and understands that hard work is what is needed for an entrepreneur to have great success.

Todd Lubar has been at work in the real estate industry since 1995. During his career he has worked alongside Legacy Financial Group and has created massive success during this time. His ultimate goal is continue to get better with each passing day and take his business to even greater heights.

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Capital Group’s Chairman, “Warren Buffet is Wrong About This One Thing”

Timothy Armour, CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, one of the largest wealth managers in the world, differs with Warren Buffet in one crucial area: investing your retirement funds.Buffet placed a wager of one million dollars, saying that if he invested one million in an S&P passive index fund, his investment would yield higher returns than if he placed the money into the hands of hedge fund managers. Should he win, Buffet will give the million to charity. Armour feels that in all likelihood Buffet will win the bet, since most of the time the investments placed in hedge funds incur significant costs. Armour also agrees with Buffet that Baby Boomers and younger generations must be prudent as to where they put their retirement funds, to make sure that they have financial security in their golden years.

Where Armour disagrees with Buffet is where best to put these retirement funds. As far as he’s concerned, it’s not a matter of passive or active funds, and it’s high time that we question the notion that passive funds are the best place to put one’s retirement money.While some actively managed funds have not done well, others have done very well indeed. Forty years ago someone would have invested $10,000 in the S&P index fund would have made more than half a million dollars today.

But another person who put their money into five of the best performing American Funds would have even better returns.Armour, who has a degree in Economics from Middlebury College, was named Chairman of Capital Group on July 28, 2015. He has been in the wealth management industry for 34 years.In a commentary for the Wall Street Journal, Armour encouraged investors to look for active managers who diligently research and look for companies of real value, and not just look at a stock’s market value on any given day. Watch video about Investing money : Click here.

Beverly Hills Auto Group Has Got Your Back

Don’t buy your BMW new-it will waste your money-big time. You’ll end up having to pay for dealers fees, unnecessary extras, new car sales tax, and of course, depreciation. When you buy used, you have a lot more variety to choose form and you know exactly what you are getting. you can even get a nice BMW with customized extras like heated seats and tinted windows without having to pay for all the extras. It just makes more sense.


Beverly Hills Auto Group has a large selection of used luxury BMWs to choose from and offers good deals on their vehicles. they will get you financed easily since Beverly Hills Auto Group has a finance department on-site. Beverly Hills Auto Group only sells vehicles that will pass inspection and they will take your trade-in. Beverly Hills Auto Group is all about the customer and strives to do their very best.

Securus Technologies – Highly Advanced Technology Company with the Mission to Equip Law Enforcement Agencies with Latest Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the most reputed inmate communication companies in the United States. Securus Technologies started its operation in the year 1986 and since then has established itself as one of the leading technology firms in the field of correctional technology. Securus Technologies offer a broad range of services that includes video calling services, phone services, criminal justice technology, database information management services, crime prevention technology, and more.


Securus Technologies currently offer its services to the correctional agencies in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the District of Columbia. More than 2,600 law enforcement agencies are using the company’s services, and over 1.2 million inmates depend upon the communication services offered by Securus Technologies. The company is known for offering high-end technology services in the correctional sphere, and also for the brisk and responsive customer service. The primary aim of the company is to equip the law enforcement agencies with the latest technology and relieve stress from the lives of the prisoners by giving them the opportunity to talk with and see their friends and relatives.


Securus Technologies published an online press release recently that showcased how the company’s services are making a difference in the lives of law enforcement officials. Many of the law enforcement officials write to the company regularly, and the company recently decided to publish part of these letters online to show the impact of Securus Technologies’ products and services. The company is also the winner of the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service, which is a highly reputed global award that honors corporate excellence.


As a police officer in Atlanta, I use the services of Securus Technologies on a regular basis, and it helps me to stay updated with what is happening in the community and prevent crime from happening as per the information provided. The company offers a wide range of useful services to the police and crime prevention agencies.



Why You Should Purchase Your Precious Metals From the U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has just announced its new online storefront- The site reflects their leadership in the industry of precious metals and the new features reflect the values and commitment to stellar customer service that the company strives to uphold.


The redesign of the company features many impressive features, including the distinguished leader of the brand, former U.S. Mint Director and President, VP Philip N. Diehl. The new site also features a brand new coin gallery. The site has been created with the intention of educating customers on the many benefits of owning bullion that is government-issued. It is also meant to enhance the buying experience of the precious-metal consumer.


According to Ryan Buchanan, the site is a useful tool that will allow the U.S. Money Reserve to generate content of the highest quality and allow them to further interact with their clients. It is also a place where precious metals can be purchased completely securely through their online storefront. Buchanan oversaw the entire redesign of the website and wanted to be sure to implement many new applications that would make it much easier to educate customers as well as make purchasing bullion easier than in the past.


The new online store provides live pricing that is very competitive and the U.S. Money Reserve also offers certified coins and products. Customers even have the option to sign up for a gold information kit for free and can visit the Knowledge Center for the most current information and the terms associated with purchasing, grading, and coin minting. For the newest updates on the precious metals market, consumers can also refer to The Gold News Room.


The U.S. Money Reserve has a Client-Connect Advantage that allows the Reserve to keep in contact with clients for consultations, secure transactions, and assistance with purchasing. The U.S. Money Reserve also has a great BuyBack Guarantee which is one of the best return methods in the entire industry. They also have one of the very fastest shipping methods.


The U.S. Money Reserve has been in business for over a decade and has served over 400,000 clients. The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is located in Austin, Texas.


The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributers of U.S. approved coins in the country and they strive to provide the very best service and the most exceptional gold coins on the market today.

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Jeremy Goldstein: The Man Who Struck Gold

During times of an ongoing dispute, it remains important to consider legal mediation. In particular, people may need a lawyer. Not only does a lawyer potentially resolve legal disputes, they also represent their client’s best interests. Moreover, lawyers possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the law. In most cases, it would remain impossible for clients to navigate the judicial system without the guidance of a lawyer. Common reasons why people may want to consider a lawyer includes instances of domestic violence, child custody battles, landlord-tenant issues, and so forth. For those who stay in New York, they face numerous situations that may require legal attention.

Aside from misinterpretations of city ordinances, New Yorkers also face significant legal threats in their communities. Fortunately, New Yorkers can enjoy the convenience of qualified lawyers. Not only does New York possess qualified lawyers, they also possess highly skilled lawyers. With that being said, Jeremy Goldstein remains one of America’s most prestigious lawyers. To begin, Jeremy works at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC law firm. Moreover, founded the law firm. For those unaware, the law firm addresses numerous issues affecting its clients. To name a few, these include areas of corporate compensation and corporate governmental matters.

Before Jeremy Goldstein worked at his own firm, he served at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm. Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, Jeremy Goldstein stands as a proud and accomplished figure. With that being said, he has numerous awards and accolades under his belt. In particular, Goldstein holds the distinction of performing the largest corporate transactions in the past decade. Moreover, Jeremy Goldstein also boasts educational achievements. While at New York University, he earned his J.D. degree. Furthermore, he attended the University of Chicago. While there, he received an M.S. and an additional degree.

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EOS Lip Balm Beats Chapstick by Providing Wild Enchanting Flavors

It is undisputed that lip balm is a vital grooming ingredient for the lips. That is why with the introduction of EOS lip balm in the oral care industry, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were spotted using one of the best lip balm brands in the market. Before EOS lip balm was introduced to the market, Chapstick was the leading brand. This was a tricky to purchase brand because it came in two flavors. One was minty with a refreshing taste, and the other brand was called the original flavor meaning it had no additional flavors.


Chapstick felt clinical with an active composition of listed ingredients on the container. This brand was strictly available in chemists. Unlike Chapstick, EOS lip balm can be found in supermarkets. Among the stores that sell ESO lip balm are Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Target. Most top profile beauty editors like Cosmo and Allure featured ESO lip balm because of its honeydew and grapefruit flavors. Products from Evolution of Smooth Company have been making news headlines through fashion and beauty magazines.


Although the founders of the company hardly discuss the financial position of EOS, they categorically disclosed that some businesses in the company are worth $ 250 million. According to Kline Research, EOS is the world’s second best-selling oral care products in the category of lip balms. Burt’s Bees lip balm tops the list with Blistex and Chapstick following in that order. Kline Research stated that EOS has massively contributed to the growth of the oral care industry. Currently, it sells more than one million pieces of lip balm in a week. The prospects of ESO lip balm registering massive progressive growth are high. It is projected that by 2020, the company shall have grown to approximately $2 billion profits. The demand for EOS lip balm originates from the natural ingredients it is made from. For more info, go to

Two Top Five Draftees Who Will Make a Fantasy Difference in 2017

The National Football League just finished the 2017 draft and some surprising twists could have a profound effect on the upcoming fantasy football season. One of those actually involves last year’s starting quarterback who will now head to the commentary booth.



Mitchell Trubisky


Jay Cutler is out of Chicago, that fact has been known for months now. He’ll take the mic and become a play-by-play announcer. However, the Bears seemed to be content with former Tampa Bay backup Mike Glennon as their signal caller for next season. That was until they did a surprising leapfrog from the third the second pick in the draft. A move with no other reason but to guarantee they could snag former North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.



Seriously, if you’re so interested in a player that you push yourself into a spot where no one can steal him away, you must have bigger plans for this kid than what the NFL fortune tellers predict. No one in the fantasy football world should be the least bit surprised if the 6’2, 225 pound prototypical NFL QB is starting for Duh Bears much sooner than some think. Fantasy owners looking for a bargain quarterback should draft Trubisky, because he will eventually be starting for a team that will be playing from behind, a lot.



Leonard Fournette


The second top five draftee, one of three offensive players in the top five, quite contrary to pre-draft projections, went to Jacksonville. No one was surprised by this pick though, as the Jaguars have been a woeful running team since, well, since Maurice Jones-Drew left town. In 2016 the Jags ranked in the bottom 10 in total rushing yards per game, and only a pair of touchdowns ahead of the NY Giants for worst TD production out of the running back position.



Drafting LSU star Leonard Fournette was a foregone conclusion, but fantasy owners shouldn’t be lost on the formalities of the draft. Fournette is a 240-pound bruiser, who will fit perfectly into the system of head coach Doug Marrone. Marrone has experience in developing offensive lines, and Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles would welcome some diversion to keep pass rushers off his back.



Fournette is a skilled pass catcher, so it’s likely he’ll immediately be the four down back for the Jaguars. With 4.5 speed on display at the NFL combine, and a penchant for shedding tacklers, it’s also unlikely the backfield in Jacksonville will be a timeshare situation. Fournette may be an immediate workhorse, an essential these days when teams have tendency to split opportunities draining the appeal of the once invaluable fantasy running back.


Many high production offensive players from last fantasy season are still going to be relevant in 2017. However, take a break from setting your MLB lineup, so you don’t let these two newly drafted rookies slide too far down the board before you snag them up. Shoot, grabbing them both may not be a bad move.