Talks Fusion Offers 30 Day Free Trial Of Video Marketing Solutions

In a prepared statement, Talk Fusion, the leading all-in-one video marketing solution provider introduced its 30-day free, no risk, trial program. The program, promoted by associated, allows individuals to sample and engage Talk Fusion’s video marketing product mix.

Talk Fusion CEO and Founder Bob Reina commented, “We put in a lot of hard work and effort behind the scenes to maximize the effort our sales associates are putting out in the field.” Reina believes the 30-day free, no risk, trial program is the best way for individuals and businesses to see if the Talk Fusion works for them without any short or long-term commitment.

Sales associates make up the direct selling corp for Talk Fusion. The organization provides sales and marketing resources, to associates, and a remarkable incentive compensation program for those that seek a successful, independent Talk Fusion sales career. “If you’re a Talk Fusion Associate, we give you the sales materials, the product resources, professional sales letters, marketing web pages, the videos, a brand-new product brochure and more,” Bob Reina remarked.

Talk Fusion sees the 30-day, no risk, free trial program, as an avenue, for sales associates to develop and grow their customer base. Success is the first priority. CEO Reina stated, “Every business needs customers. Every business needs marketing. So every business needs Talk Fusion.”

Headquartered in Brandon, Florida, Bob Reina created Talk Fusion in 2007. He attended the University of South Florida and has a background in law enforcement. He created Talk Fusion, which was the first organization to unveil an “instant pay compensation program,” for its independent sales associates of video marketing solutions.

Stephen Murray’s Sweet Fruits Enjoyed Even After His Sunset

Stephen Murray touched the lives of many people, from investors to business clients to the beneficiaries of his philanthropy. His hard work saw him become one of the icons in the world of private equity as a great investor.

Culture Bytes reveals that Stephen Murray was also an exceptional leader, a role he played at CCMP Capital, where he was the president and CEO of the firm. CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that has specialized in middle-market leveraged buyouts as well as growth equity investments.

In 1984, Stephen Murray exited Boston College with his economics degree to embark on his career path. This path began at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation where he was incorporated into the training program as a credit analyst. Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group joined forces with its leveraged finance unit to give rise to MH Equity Corporation.

In 1996, there was a merger between Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation. Following the merger, Chemical Venture Partners gave rise to Chase Capital Partners. Nine years later in 2005, Stephen Murray was appointed to serve as JP Morgan Partners’ head of buyout business.

2006 saw the formation of CCMP Capital, which was co-founded by Mr. Murray and was a spinout of JP Morgan Chase. In 2007, Stephen Murray rose to become the CEO of CCMP Capital.

XERepublic confirms that , CCMP Capital is not the only firm to enjoy the excellent leadership and decision-making skills displayed by Stephen Murray. Mr. Murray has served on the board of various firms, some of which include Aramark, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment, Vitamin Shoppe, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Infogroup Inc., Octagon Credit Investors and Strongwood Insurance Holdings.

Stephen Murray was not shy when it came to matters of philanthropy. Mr. Murray supported various courses as well as institution that contributed to the improvement of the lives of those involved. Among the institutions that Murray supported include Stamford Museum, Columbia Business School, Boston College, Lower Fairfield County Food Bank and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Stephen Murray also provided leadership by serving the board of trustees at Boston College as the Vice Chairman and the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a member of the chairman’s council.

Madison Street Capital Keeps Winning

The international investment banking arena has gone through rapid changes over the recent past. Following the global financial crisis of the year 2008, firms in the industry collapsed while a vast majority are still finding their way up again. The general standards of practice had to change. Investment bankers and their firms had to think outside the box.

Madison Street Capital is one of the organizations remodeling the investment banking landscape. They are an investment bank with a huge global presence in over four continents including the United States of America where they are based.

The bank’s focus lies on the customer. The satisfaction of client needs leads to customer retention and referral. It relies on mutually beneficial relationships with their customers to make profitable business transactions

The firm has experience dealing with the developed market economies. However, it has realized the unlimited potential of the middle market and emerging economies. Here, they forge strategic partnerships with governments, multinationals, and even startups.

One of the key areas Madison Street Capital has come out successful is capital restructuring and reorganization. With the struggles caused by the financial crisis still evident within many firms across the globe, Madison’s expertise provides a way of managing assets and restructuring a business towards productivity.

Madison Street Capital’s employees possess years of experience in the field. Furthermore, the bank invests in their training. The productive organizational culture at the firm also comes in handy to promoting customer care. Madison’s employees know how to make the clients needs the core of business pride itself on the successes of its clients.

The company has been able to identify and implement strategies to put a customer’s business back on the path to profitability. Even in the most complex scenarios, they have a team of experts led by the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Marsala. They provide adequate solutions for the management of crisis situations.

Speaking of Anthony Marsala, the aggressive CEO has been making headlines and bringing lots of publicity to Madison Street Capital. The energy and hard work he and his staff have put in earned the firm the respect of industry operators. Mr. Marsala has been labeled an investment guru and one of the future drivers of the entire industry. Many awards have been honored his contribution including the M&A Advisor’s Emerging Leaders. According to the Chicago Tribune, Anthony Marsala beat other achievers in the industry to clinch the 7th edition of the award.

The award brings great pride to Madison Street Capital’s core of employees and even clients. Anthony Marsala expressed his joy at bagging the famous award and acknowledged the partnerships that facilitate the achievement of organizational goals of the customer.

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UC Davis Learns Maintaining A Good Online Reputation Is Essential

Although the UC Davis University paid $175,000 to repair its reputation after pepper spray was used on a group of peaceful protesters, reports and videos of the incident continue to resurface. Maintaining a good online reputation and image requires a constant effort by businesses and organizations in order for the positive to outweigh any bad reviews, incident reports or damaging information. There should be a constant feed of positive information about an organization to its website, social media page and in the press as it announces events, new initiatives and respond to general queries and comments from the public. Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Lab, considers this part of Internet public relations. Status lab offers a variety of services that include digital marketing, reputation management, content automation, social media monitoring, search engine optimization and crisis response. An article in Dujour described his job as being a fixer, similar to Olivia Pope on the popular television series Scandal. The UC Davis dilemma was used to emphasize the importance of Google Search ranking.

The company hired to suppress the pepper spray incident had attempted to lessen the effect by manipulating search engine results which is much more difficult to do then believed. The pepper spray incident resurfaced when UC Davis tried to raise money by admitting more nonresident students. In Dujour, Darius Fisher ( said the biggest mistake organization make is their like of preparation. The creation and promotion of new content provides fresh, relevant information relating to the individual, company or organization and be recognized by Google’s algorithm because of user engagement, which is a heavy factor. Personal websites, social media profiles, dynamic video content, press releases and relevant industry news earn hits.

Status Labs has more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries and have received honorable mentions in the New York Times and Yahoo News. Darius Fisher was among the Innovation 50 for 2015 which recognizes the top Public Relations and digital communication rising stars. His strategic vision, partnerships with agencies and influencers and recruitment of sales and account management teams helps Status Labs to continue to grow and increase its success.

The Success of Stephen Murray

Of the most powerful individuals in the United States is Steve Murray, a former private equity investor as well as a philanthropist that made generous donations to several different charitable organizations and foundations. Stephen Murray is most known for his position as president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital is a private equity firm on that specializes in both buyouts as well as in equity transactions. With a degree in economics, Mr. Steve Murray has made the most of his intelligence and his degree in order to develop and grow CCMP Capital even further into one of the largest privately owned equity firms in the world.

CCMP Capital is a company that is formally known as JP Morgan Partners. CCMP Capital has invested an approximated amount of $12 billion in their specialty in both leveraged buyout as well as in growth capital transactions on As a result, CCMP Capital was even ranked as number 17 in the world’s largest private equity funds. With over 50 employees, CCMP Capital currently has offices located in New York, London, Hong Kong, as well as in Tokyo. Everyone of these offices consists of close-knit employees that have the ultimate goal of providing unique solutions to every customer.

The company was originally founded as Chemical Venture Partners up until 1996 when the company was re-branded. following the company’s acquisition in 1996, Chemical Venture Partners became known as Chase Capital Partners. CCMP Capital is specifically a result of a spin-out from private equity groups from other leading investment banks. In 2007 Steve Murray was officially named as the company’s president and lead the company to even greater success within the years that he took control in office.

With his great success with CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray has become a generous donator to charitable organizations that he believes are worthy of donations. Among the many donations that Mr. Murray has made, his most generous donations have gone to the Make A Wish Foundation in Metro New York. In addition to this, Mr. Steve Murray has made donations to Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum, as well as the Columbia Business School.

Beneful Dog Food Varieties that Guarantee Nutrition, Treats and Fresh Breath

Dog food from Beneful is rich in nutrients that are essential to these pets. In addition, the Nestle Purinastore dog food brand produces delicious meals and treats for dogs that have made the company popular among pet owners. There are many different varieties of dog that fall under three main categories which are Dry dog food, Wet dog food and dog treats.

  1. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with Real Salmon

This omega rich food gives the dog enough nutrients needed to thrive daily. It helps to maintain a shiny coat as well as a healthy skin. It is also delicious to taste and is available in different weights. The feed is scented with green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes.

  1. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with Real Beef

This feed has antioxidant-rich nutrition to help dogs remain healthy and thrive every day. The food comes in tender, crunchy bites that dogs like. This feed also comes in different weights depending on the size and nutritional needs of the dog. Additionally, it is scented with carrots, peas and spinach for a great taste.

  1. Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Hugs with Beef and Cheese

They have beef as well as cheese and are available in 8.5 Oz or 5.5 Oz pouches. The product is only to be used as a treat and not as a full time meal.

  1. Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile (

These dental twists from Beneful are treats that help dogs to reduce tartar buildup and plaques in their teeth. It also helps to support strong teeth and bones while freshening the pet’s breath. It is further scented with parsley and in available in mini, small, medium and large size pouches.

  1. Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites with Beef

This wet dog food delight has beef, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice. It is a protein rich meal that is made from delicious and nutritious ingredients that ensure a balanced diet for the pet. It is also chopped into small, manageable bites. It is available on Wal-Mart in cans of 3 Oz.

Growing Pains for Venezuela

The South American country of Venezuela has been struggling lately with food shortages, energy blackouts and increasing temperatures. This is one reason that David Osio relocated to the US many years ago. Osio’s opinion is that El Nino’s effects have raised temperatures throughout Latin America, which is putting pressure on the energy supply system for the entire country.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has ordered the country’s more than 1 million public administration employees to take Fridays off for the next two months, in an effort to reduce the country’s use of electricity and to remove the burden on the country’s power grid.

Venezuela gets, fully, 70 percent of its electricity from hydro-electric generating stations. President Maduro has gone as far as recommending, jokingly, that females let their hair dry naturally instead of using blow dryers. Maduro does not want to be forced to place restrictions on his citizens by forced electrical rationing. See NPR report here: Your text to link…

Venezuela has, also, been experiencing inflation due to the country’s economy which is dependent on its petroleum production.

The standard of living has been increasing under Maduro’s government, but the effect of El Nino and the strain on the power reserves, placed there by the use of air conditioners, hair dryers and other electrical devices and appliances has made life difficult in this tropical country.