Bring The Best Out of Your Hair Courtesy of WEN By Chaz

This article follows a detailed explanation by a user who happened to use the WEN by Chaz hair cleanser in a span of seven days. According to the user, and the website at hand, WEN Hair cleansing conditioner is a great hair product that leaves your hair smooth and highly attractive.

Based on the experiment as elaborated by the user, WEN by Chaz Dean guarantees you a healthy and long-lasting hair, free of dandruff, breakages, and roughness. Apart from this, you are also guaranteed a soft, thin, highly oiled and shiny hair, something that can’t be said of other hair products.

Depending on your type of hair, you can choose from a wide variety of WEN by Chaz hair products which include, Lavender, Cucumber Aloe, Pomegranate, and Fig Cleansing available on just to name a few. The user at hand used the Fig version since it promised her a moisturized and soft hair. Unlike other hair products which require a little amount of moisturizer, with WEN, you need about 24-34 pumps if your hair is long, and 10-16 pumps if your hair is short. Though this may seem too much to some users, the overall results are no doubt worth it.

WEN By Chaz is a cleansing hair conditioner that provides you with a shiny, beautiful and healthy-looking hair. Unlike other hair conditioners which cleanse your hair with harsh sulfates, WEN by Chaz uses its hair-friendly ingredients such as glycerin, Wild Cherry, Sweet Almond oil and water to evenly wash your hair.

Produced and released by Chaz Dean, (Los Angeles based hair stylist) WEN by Chaz brings together the combination of five (5) different products in one. In simple terms, WEN by Chaz replaces your conditioner, shampoo, detangler, leave-in conditioner as well as your deep conditioner. With WEN by Chaz, it’s high time you kissed goodbye hair products which claim to offer more but end up offering less. See,


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Plan for Safeguarding the Rights of Its Informants

The whistleblower protection program was created in 2010 by the Securities and Exchange Commission after the U.S Congress approved the Wall Street Reform of Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Protection Law. The plan is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of the SEC informants, and it was formed under the Dodd-Frank Act. According to the program, the source is entitled to a financial incentive from the commission and job security. This has significantly motivated employees of various companies to offer information on undertakings that do not follow the federal and state securities laws.

Various law firms in the United States have been formed to provide representation to the informants. The Labaton Sucharow law firm is among these organizations, and it was the first to create a whistleblower representation practice. The company has also been acknowledged for offering one of the best services to plaintiffs. It has currently established an unparalleled plan for filling securities litigations, and it also has a well-trained staff to support it. Labaton Sucharow’s employees include financial predictors, a distinguished in-house panel of investigators, and forensic experts who fully understand how state and federal laws are implemented.

Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower plan is headed by Jordan A. Thomas. He is highly knowledgeable about the laws that protect the informants since he was part of the team that participated in their formation. Before joining the law firm, he worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission as a deputy director and a deputy chief litigation counselor of the organization’s enforcement unit.

The legislation of the whistleblower protection program state that any individual who volunteers .to give information to the SEC should be offered 10 to 30 percent of the fines that are collected by the commission. It also makes it illegal for any employer to harass an informant of the SEC. The regulations also demand that the whistleblower can be offered more money if other law enforcement bodies use the information that he or she provided to collect sanctions from the law breaker.

According to the SEC, the whistleblowers can hide their identity by hiring an attorney to represent them. They can also avoid providing their personal details such as names and addresses when reporting the cases to the Commission. The attorney-client privilege protects the information that is offered by the whistleblower to the SEC. The public can get more information about the program that protects the SEC informants by contacting the whistleblower representation team.

Blogger Finally Achieves Big Shiny Fuller Hair After Trying WEN By Chaz

You could say it’s been Emily McClure’s dream for years now; she desired perfect Hollywood hair, the kind we often see on stars.
Could a woman with fine, thin, somewhat frizzy hair ever achieve that kind of amazing mane?

Emily remembered those popular TV infomercials featuring WEN by Chaz, the no lather shampoo method. So, she decided to take a 7-day hair challenge, using only WEN’s cleansing conditioners to see if a hair transformation could occur. She wrote up her results for Bustle and even included hair selfies.

WEN by Chaz remains the true original in a sea of no-poo products. Many competitors have tried to copy the master, stylist Chaz Dean, but have all failed miserably. WEN’s special cleansing conditioners are made with purity and from nature. These plant-based formulas bathe the hair in nourishment with zero chemicals and zero lather. It’s an amazing experience, and one that has been designed to improve hair of every type.

WEN by Chaz uses only the highest quality standards to create his world-famous hair care line. He wants his fans to know that there is a healthy way to manage healthy hair.

Emily McClure planned on using WEN by Chaz in the shower every morning, followed with a blow-dry and her favorite styling tools. In the shower, Emily was impressed with the formula, as it produced awesome volume and softness. Plus, she wasn’t even using the amount of product suggested for her mane, and still, her hair achieved greatness.

Emily snapped selfies to show readers her gorgeous, A-List hair, and even her close girlfriends noticed her sexy hair transformation.

Using a no lather shampoo requires a routine, and for Emily that meant cleansing each morning. If you take the time and effort with WEN, your hair will reap the rewards. Learn more about Wen by visiting their Facebook page and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In America

Status Labs, is named as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. The distinction was reflected in the recent announcement by Inc. Magazine, which ranks the top 500 firms in America. According to the report, Status Labs, ranked 339th in the list of 500, indicating its amazing growth of more than 1,099 percent in a short period between 2012 and 2015.

It is notable that the Austin-based Status Labs provides digital reputation management services to improve the public image of companies and individuals. Under the leadership of its CEO Darius Fisher, the company increased its revenues by offering innovative digital service offerings and building a client-base constituting well-known executives and private figures working for Fortune 500 companies.

Speaking on the occasion, Darius Fisher showed excitement to be named as one of the fastest growth firms. He suggested that the growth of his company is due to the integration of digital reputation management and innovative SEO and marketing technologies. He added that the company will continue to improve and grow beyond its existing setup.

It is notable that the coveted 500 list represents highly innovative companies that are often overseen my America’s most aspiring individuals. Recent examples from the list includes firms such as LinkedIn, Domino’s Pizza, Dell and Yelp etc. All these famous brands earned early exposures as members of the inc. 500.

About Status labs

Status Lab is a premier digital reputation management and PR company. It has offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo. With over 1500 clients in 40 countries, the company is known for its innovative products.

It is also well-known that the CEO of the company, Darius Fisher is instrumental in providing energy to the cause. As such, he has also received individual honor as the recipient of Innovation 50 award, in 2015. In 2016, Darius received Gold Award from PR World, which selected him as the business development individual of the year. In fact digital reputation management is not the only specialty of Status Labs. Other areas that help support reputation management campaign include public relations, digital crisis response, social media marketing and digital financial communications.

Securus’s Video Visitation App a Game Changer in Prison Visitation Services.

Securus Video Visitation allows users to have a more convenient access to their incarcerated loved ones. The application allows you to pre-schedule an online visit. If you have someone close and incarcerated, and you have not used the app, think about the benefits you can gain. The app saves you the time you use to travel to the jail and waiting in long queues just to see the person you are interested to see. The Securus Video Visitation app allows you to schedule your next visit at your conveniences instead of your program being limited to the strict visitation times.



One critical advantage of the app is that the incarcerated person feels like he is part of you at home even when they can’t be. At-Home Visitation is a simple application that only requires you to have a web camera connected to the internet. The other way of video visitation is Onsite Video Visitation. This method is similar to the traditional through-the-glass visitation where you are only allowed to pre-schedule your time of visit. The method lets you save time by reducing the waiting time.



Imagine the world where you don’t have to move inmates, no visitors waiting long lines, and where inmate visitation is managed in a digital way. There are plenty of efficiencies to be gained by eliminating manual tasks and replacing with a digitally managed service. One benefit the security officers in the jail can have is to concentrate on the safety of inmates. These benefits can all be gained through a Securus Video Visitation app.



When inmates can share everyday events such as watching cartoons, reviewing homework, celebrating birthdays and opening presents on Christmas, they are linked to their loved ones. Studies have proven that there is a connection between maintaining relationships of inmates with their loved ones and to reducing recidivism. Securus Visitation app also has the ability for live monitor and records visits. This capability can both be used to create new investigating opportunities and also have a positive impact on reducing violence within the jail.



Securus Technologies has recorded incredible growth recently including acquisition and hiring of new staff. On January 2016, the company added new senior sales executives to help the company achieve its goals in delivering the over 800 products to the law enforcement and corrections sectors. The company also acquired JPay, Inc. in 2015 to increase Securus customer base as well as providing new products such as payment platforms and digital media services.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The World Loves IAP Worldwide

With IAP Worldwide in existence, there are many ways that things can get done for communities that experience unforeseen problems. In many cases, these problems seem insurmountable, but not for IAP Worldwide. IAP is known for solving the impossible situations because of their ingenuity and dedication. They can find solutions that others cannot. While they continue to help all over the world, they look into new and innovative ways to increase productivity and therefore assist in many ways.

Is IAP New?

No, it is has been in existence for over 60 years. All during those 60 years, they took on incredible tasks with a variety of companies that they solved problems for in unique ways. All of this took place so that they could become the company they are today. It is a company that is known for its knowledge and ability to utilize everything that they have at their fingertips and create numerous solutions to problems that others couldn’t begin to complete. Their endeavors are numerous and painstaking, but successful.

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Who Is In Charge At IAP?

Douglas Kitani is the CEO and the Director of the IAP Worldwide company. Under his leadership are 2,000 professionals that make up the workforce at this incredible entity. They are all practiced and experienced in their field, and they go to great lengths to help the communities that are hard hit throughout the world. With their expertise, IAP Worldwide are able to come up with ways that not only assist in technology, but also with healthcare that is extremely advanced. It is always an important undertaking that these people perform, and they do so to the highest level and are well known for their integrity in the field.

Looks Like An Incredible Future For IAP Worldwide

As the company continues to add successes, it will go into the future being known for its unique abilities. They will be sought after to solve the extraordinary events that happen all over the earth. Since they are able to do so, they will be called upon on a continuous basis propelling them to even greater successes.

The world needed a company like IAP Worldwide, and it is here for the long haul. It is a company that is dedicated to assisting in any way that they are called upon. With their latest techniques and knowledge, they will be able to help even more communities across the globe with what is needed to be completed.

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