In Defense of Securus Technologies

The law enforcement industry is an extremely tough industry to be involved in. There are companies, such as Securus Technologies that work every day to create and improve technology to help this industry to have an edge with their job. Working with this type of technology leads to strong competition and disputes.


Recently, Global Tel Link put out a press release stating many issues they had with Securus Technologies. A few days later, Securus Technologies responded to many of the claims made by GTL. The main idea behind the issues Global Tel Link had to do with patents and who should be using them. GTL claims that Securus Technologies has no right to use them and should cease using them immediately. Securus responded by saying that the patents in question have not been restricted by anyone. They are still in play and can be used freely. Some of the patents and issues in question are not even able to be patented and are free to use.


GTL also claims that Securus Technologies is very quick to sue and that they spend too much time in court. Securus Technologies hit back hard on this issue saying that heading to court is a last resort measure. They try to resolve all disputes civilly and responsibly out of court first. If that does not work, then the court option comes up. Securus Technologies does have a right to defend themselves and this is exactly what they are doing.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that is based in Dallas, Texas. They work with over 3,400 law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities across North America. They work to bring the most advanced technology to these facilities and help aid them in their efforts.


IAP Worldwide a leader in provision of broad spectrum of services

IAP Worldwide is a leading company in the provision of global-scale logistics, advanced professional and technical services as well as managing various facilities. The company operates in over 25 countries across the globe and has over 2000 employees. The company offers a broad spectrum of services internationally and has been in service for more than 60 years. Some of the clients served by IAP Worldwide include U S, various organizations, and international government agencies.

The company leverages and integrates its capabilities to provide reliable solutions, innovative and a secure environment to meet their client’s diverse and complex challenges. IAP Worldwide has built a good reputation ever since it was founded and the team has been building a future.

IAP began its services by building and operating the first space launch complex base in America in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The next 45 years IAP started offering full facilities maintenance support including engineering services, construction management and also Airport master planning.

Later on, the IAP provided support to troops worldwide during the Operation Desert Storm, and they continued to win international contracts through the US government. Their services included logistics, procurement all together with temporary and power generations, transportation services and also emergency disaster relief. The company continued to thrive and also earned US government’s trust. Source:

IAP Worldwide continued to expand its market by providing various solutions by responding quickly during the times of disasters and also provides life-sustaining supplies on The company also has a humanitarian aid project that helps improve the lifestyle of countless people across the globe.

IAP professionals operate under a set of core values that enables and guides the team on to work tirelessly until they provide the results expected by the clients. The values charter states that the group will act with integrity and humility will also practice intellectual curiosity and rigor, pursue growth and learning, and provide inspirational leadership among other values.

IAP Worldwide is fully committed and dedicated to offering satisfying results to their partners, clients, and associates. With flexibility, expertise, and creativity the team gives solutions to critical and crucial challenges encountered by the customers. Emergency response is the company’s forte, providing more than a call of duty to achieve seemingly impossible feats.

The company operates under Douglas Kitani who sits as the chief executive officer and works hand in hand with Terry DeRosa who is the executive vice president among others officials’ members.

Facts you probably didn’t know about Evolution of Smooth lip balm.

EOS lip balm was received with enthusiasm since it was first introduced to the market seven years ago. It didn’t take this EOS lip balms long for it to be spotted by different celebrities and in fashion magazines.

The great works are attributed to the Fast Company, which was the brains behind this product. Their marketing technique was a unique one, one of its kind. Instead of overdoing it like regular market hypes everyone is used to, they focused all their attention on creating a quality product and distributing them. This simple strategy made the values the company stood for become known, thereby distinguishing their product from other regular manufacturers.

The company chose their product of innovation to be a lip balm after conducting a thorough analysis of the market. It was clear that there were very many products in the market, which did not offer any competitive advantage over each other. The only mediocre difference was probably like 0.01$ difference in price on eBay. Seemingly, it was the best product for innovation.

Therefore, they set up to find this new modification to incorporate in the design of a new lip balm. Many clay artists were approached to come up with different imaginative design models. After a period of research, EOS lip balm came up with this interesting model. It was unique in all aspects since the user did not have to use fingers in applying it, something that was argued to be unhygienic from some quarters. Talk about forming an emotional connection with the users.

The market targeted was the millennials, those who are always styled conscious. In this respect, social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.. was the perfect tool for advertisement. In addition to that, the company started a world tour with Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, who were the key advertisers that brought the brand to light. The company has since continued with research to continue innovating in more and more products. For more info visit


Nationwide Title Clearing Continuously Gets the Best Vote

Nationwide Title Clearing has won various awards in the time that they have been in business. They have worked to make sure that these awards keep coming and it has allowed them the chance to grow the business that they have. They have won awards from their clients, as well as from their employees.

The employees of Nationwide Title Clearing voted it as the best place to work in Palm Harbor, Florida. They wanted everyone to know that they have a great place to work and this has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing the most when it comes to the business that they are a part of. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that the company knows they are doing well with the different things that they have to offer all of their employees.

Even the clients are happy with what Nationwide Title Clearing has done. They want other people to know that they are doing well and that the company has been one of the best that they have been a part of. This has allowed them the chance to make sure that things are better and has given the company a chance to improve themselves while their customer base just seems to keep getting larger. It has given them a chance to show off the skills that they have when it comes to document processing and mortgage research.

The company has not only won the awards once or twice like some of the other companies that are mentioned in awards, but they have continuously won the award. This has made it a better company and has given everyone the chance to ensure that things are getting better for the company. Nationwide Title Clearing has made sure that they are always working toward more awards and happier customers in the business that they are in. They also work to make sure that their employees are just as happy. This has allowed them to continue to win awards and has given them the chance to show off what they are truly capable of.

Nationwide Title Clearing Services wants to get better for all of their clients. They know that the only way to do that is to keep getting better and growing as a business. Whether this growth means that they physically expand their business, offer more services for their clients or get even more awards from what they have done, they will be able to do it. This will give Nationwide Title Clearing the chance to make their business better so that they will be able to help even more people with the services that they have to offer.

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