Davos REG clients get an upper hand with the Davos Cap Calculator app

Technology seems to form the center of all developments currently. Every organization is looking to improve its service delivery by use of tech. With communication being at the center of it all, mobile applications are being developed to easily reach every smartphone user. Davos Real Estate Group decided to be part of this revolution by launching their own application. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application-300288823.html

Davos Financial group is an entity that comprises of many other independent entities under it. The group focuses on creating investment strategies that will help clients grow by combining its premium products. It does this while putting into consideration the regulatory framework that is in place. Such services require top-notch professionalism and a team that looks to provide high-quality services, which David has managed to put together.

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is an entity under Davos Financial Group. On June 22, independent company, through its Executive Director, Gerald Gonzales, announced that it had launched the Davos Cap Calculator. The calculator comes in the form of a smartphone that, as at now, works on the android and iOS platforms. The launch of the app goes along with the company’s objective. Gonzalez explains that this has been one of the company’s goal. He goes on to state that he worked together with the technical team that developed the app to see to it that the objective is achieved.

According to Davos REG’s Executive Director, the app simplifies a lot of things and will help the company’s clients with putting their financial plans in place. He explains some of the features that the mobile application has. It allows their clients to come up with the approximate price of rent of a property that will generate the income they desire within a certain timeframe. Apart from this, the application contains a Mortgage calculator. This will help the client avoid feuds with the bank.

About David Osio

David Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group. He founded the company back in 2003. The immense experience he had acquired while working for other companies in top positions helped him drive the company to what it is now. Currently, Davos Financial Group sits at the helm of companies that positively contribute to the economy in Latin America and Venezuela. David has sharpened skills in financial areas, including financial law and financial advising. He completed his degree in the Universidad Catolica Andres with specialties in banking, international studies and finance.



Cotemar: Oil and Gas of Mexico

Cotemar is a Mexican owned and operated oil and gas company for over 38 years. They provide services such as personnel transportation and supply state of the art vessels. Cotemar has expanded successfully into one of the top offshore providers of oil and gas in the industry. Cotemar perpetually strengthens its position as a market leader adding to its many specialized vessels to transport materials and personnel.

Cotemar increased its market presence in 1996 by fortifying transport services of catering & accommodation, maintenance, personnel and materials, on 5 rigs and 3 specialized vessels concurrently.

Cotemar operates under their industry philosophy of mission, vision and high values. At Cotemar integrity is a consistent factor in which ethical manners are executed daily. They are one of the most reliable companies in the business of oil and gas distribution. Their business commitment to their clients are handled with high quality and guaranteed services. Cotemar humbles itself to new industrial knowledge with everyday exposure and experience. Their specialized operating vessels and services include the following: vessels for firefighting and oil spills, transporting and handling of liquids extracted from oil fields, vessels transporting mass materials such as mud, sand, et al.

The main goal at Cotemar is to provide and promote top quality work while complying with environmental bylaws, installing materials in an adequate and timely manner while executing ethical professionalism. In addition, their rigs and vessels are accommodated with exceptional catering services. These services include, but are not limited to, boarding, food, room cleaning, laundry, etc. The vessel cabins can house up to 4 people at once. The rigs also have a lounging area which includes a pool, gym, sporting areas, and other entertainment areas. These vessels function under the highest quality of regulations and safety for all aboard. They guarantee client and employee satisfaction to the best degree in the industry.

In conclusion, Cotemar also provides career opportunities to aid those seeking or furthering their experience. It promotes training and developmental programs in a sundry of career areas to potential employees. Cotemar offers workshops, career fairs, job placement nationwide and internationally in cooperation with many universities. The future of their company relies on the high quality, highly educated and highly trained individuals who will help Cotemar stay at a top successful stand within the industry. Cotemar believes that a well trained team will warrant and execute the best results in any work place where it is established.

Reference: http://proveedores.cotemar.com.mx/

Supporting The Growth of the Russian Economy by Encouraging Establishment of New Startups

Alexei Beltyukov is a leading entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist hailing from Russia. Since he ventured into the business world, Beltyukov has worked towards making the market unrestricted.

He has established several philanthropic ventures that help ambitious Russian entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into profit-making startups. Apart from being a way of generating wealth, Beltyukov believes that businesses builds discipline and makes a real difference in the society.

Academic qualifications and career

While residing in Russia, Alexei Beltyukov studied medicine. He can comfortably converse in French after studying the language for one year. He enrolled at the French Business School, INSEAD, and earned his MBA.

Immediately after graduating, he secured a job at the McKinsey & Co, a leading consulting firm. His responsibility was to handle transportation, metals and mining process, and oil & gas. Later on, he became an employee of McKinsey Global Institute in charge of overseeing Russian rail reform.

Beltyukov determination and hard work paid off, and he ascended to the post of engagement manager. He elaborated the state of the Russian economy by co-authoring an independent research paper. He also wrote the Russian rail reform and co-founded the Brunswick Rail.

Companies created

Beltyukov launched A-Ventures LTD, a premier firm that focuses on solving challenges that entrepreneurs face. He is the co-founder of Endemic Capital and serves as an angle investor. Alexei Beltyukov is an active supporter of educational course.

Currently, he specializes in overseeing affairs of Solvy.com, a well-performing startup in the specialty of education technology. Solvy.com gives responsive and reliable feedback to professionals in the education sector. Teachers can easily track the students’ work via SOLVY since it is a homework space. The usage of SOLVY is expanding to other parts of the world at a fast rate.

Business model

Beltyukov adopts a unique business model. He creates his firms on a strong foundation of helping other businesses to survive in the ever-competitive corporate sector. He invests in risky but highly profitable areas.

For instance, he bails out companies that are struggling with financial issues with the hope that they will stabilize and repay his money. Beltyukov advocates for entrepreneurship as a strategy for boosting the Russian economy to the highest level.

Handy Home Cleaning Helping Others Succeed

One of the major challenges when you have a large home is keeping it clean. That is what Handy Home Cleaning is in business for. Transforming the outcomes of your workday by doing your chores for you. Fortune has noted that Handy Home Cleaning has surpassed several million bookings. There are a lot of needy people out there who do not know how to care for their homes.

Handy (https://www.handy.com/) Home Cleaning is comprised of professionals. All of the staff know what they are doing. They strive for utmost quality in all that they do. If there is a problem with the cleaning job, our service staff can discuss the issues with you to your satisfaction.

Handy Home Cleaning was founded with the intent of keeping our communities clean, and adding revenue to those who cannot get the education they require to have white collar jobs. By hiring us, you are helping to employ people who need work.

You are doing the community a great service, and your home is now nice and new smelling. Preparing your home with Handybook became much easier with the online booking program. Freelancers can now sign up to work for Handy and help, getting the income they need, and you get the quality that you deserve.

If you want to call our staff to learn more, we will be happy to help you. Make sure that you contact us soon, because we will want to register you as our customer. There are so many eager Freelancers who want a job through our service. We screen them carefully, to make sure that the ones who visit your home are high quality. If you are curious about trying our service, just check out our contact page. Leave a short message, and we will get on it right away.


David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group launch its new Real-Estate Application

While he was accompanied by the Davos Real Estate Directors, David Osio announced the launch of the new Davos Real Estate Group mobile application that lets its users enjoy the new era of digital application. This application is one of the many applications on the line to be launched by the company. According to Davos Real Estate Group, the new applications will allow its users to engage in an interactive chat with their agents. The new Davos CAP Calculator lets its users determine the project they want to invest. For the chosen investment plan, you will have the exclusive ability to estimate the investment return.


Davos Financial Group is the mother company owning Davos Real Estate Group. Davos Real Estate Group is an independent firm whose products include real estate development to the Latin American marketplace. For the company, engaging in an exclusive and comprehensive financial advice is part of their development strategy. For the Latin America, this mobile application will offer seamless integration to enable them to access any investment project that gives them passion. The main objective of Davos Real Estate Group is to focus on the development and formulation of investment strategies that met and exceed the expectations of their highly-esteemed clients. For this reason, they combine their products under the regulated framework that requires high-quality experience and service quality. Davos Real Estate Group has a group of professionals who are licensed to provide services through the company.


The Executive Directors of Davos Real Estate Group, during the last six months, have worked hand-in-hand with the mobile application developing company to ensure that the end-product meets the high expectations and standards of the modern digital world. For the company to provide that, the directors engaged in a weekly inspection on the strategies used to develop the application. Technolution Company was in charge of the development. For this reason, they used the latest technology according to the new world standards. The application also has an inclusion f the history of the company. All projects and database of prospective projects are included in the application. For those who want to see what other investors are gaining by investing with Davos Real Estate Group, you will have the opportunity to serve yourself with the mobile application.


David Osio, regarding the origin of the mobile application, said that it was a result of their committed service to their clients. For this reason, this application is the real representation of the services offered by the company.

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FreedomPop Is Bringing Real Innovation to the Mobile World

It’s easy to forget just how quickly technology can change culture. A recent review of the FreedomPop phone service really brings it into perspective though. At first glance FreedomPop might seem like one choice among many for someone looking for a new phone service provider. The author of the article brings something into the forefront. He’s goes on a bit about the fact that there was a time when people really didn’t think that the internet was something that people should pay for. It was a time when the internet itself was a bit like the wild west. It was untamed and full of unexpected surprises. Over time that view changed as a culture grew up around it. Today the internet is more like electricity. It’s something that most people need. At the same time though, it’s something people just expect to pay for.


The FreedomPop review delves into a company which has a differing opinion. The company, FreedomPop, does offer free internet service. Anyone can sign up and get 500MB of mobile data for free. And that’s not a one time offer either. That 500MB of data rotates, so that it’s refilled every month. Along with that one will have 200 minutes of talk time on a compatible phone. The article also makes an interesting point about how the system’s data connections relate to the world.


Most phone companies are fairly old at this point. They usually rose up well before the internet came about, or at least the modern web as people know it today. Any interfacing those companies do with the internet came about as an afterthought. Those are additions added to their preexisting infrastructure. This is very different from FreedomPop, which is a fairly recent addition to the market. FreedomPop was started in 2011, long after the modern web was a reality in most people’s lives. As such they’ve been able to create a new infrastructure which takes full advantage of the modern internet. For example, texting over a voice connection is a bit counter intuitive. It’s something that only came about due to the fact that other phone companies were built on a platform where voice was the only option for a long time.


FreedomPop is able to make a more logical and efficient connection to send texts over a mobile data connection. The modern internet integration goes even further. For just $5, a free FreedomPop plan can be upgraded to take advantage of millions of WiFi spots all over the planet. One will then have full use of them, and in effect gain almost unlimited internet usage when near them. This is just one of the ways that FreedomPop is bringing the spirit of the old internet into the reality of today’s world.

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The Evolution of EOS

Seven years ago EOS lip balm began to appear in major franchises, fashion magazines, and on the lips of such celebrities as Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian. Evolution of Smooth or EOS is now a $250 million company and according to luckyvitamin.com, the second best selling lip balm in the U.S.A. The idea for EOS was formulated when cofounder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra, began brainstorming with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky about revitalizing the beauty aisle. Because women are the main consumers, they set about catering an easily applied and easily identified lip product that stood out from the alternatives. “We were trying to to make the product as imaginatively as possible and not create an incremental variant over what was already in market,” cofounder Teller explains. While their pricing was competitive, around $3, the company decided to use all organic ingredients which was uncommon at the time. In an effort to connect emotionally to customers, thus creating a brand instead of a fad, EOS’ tagline is “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

As their target audience was style focused millennial females between ages 25 and 35, their marketing strategy made several key moves. The first strategy was to garner endorsements from young female celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. They sent samples to prominent beauty bloggers on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram requesting reviews of the product. Meanwhile, EOS lip balm built it’s own social media presence. Currently, the brand has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook. EOS gained further popularity and success by partnering with other big companies like shoe manufacturer Keds and entertainment company Disney to create limited edition versions of the product. EOS is now expanding into other sections of the beauty aisle such as lotion and shaving cream. Vist the website: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.