Evaluating the Perks of the Davos CAP Calculator Application: The Latest Invention by David Osio and the Davos Real Estate Group

The Davos Real Estate Group has recently grabbed the headlines by unveiling its latest mobile application. Known as the “Davos CAP Calculator,” the App is specially designed to estimate the financial returns on attention –grabbing real estate projects. By making an accurate estimation, clients will be able to make sound decisions based on which projects to invest in.


Also known as REG, the Davos Real Estate Group is an independent enterprise operating under its parent company, the Davos Financial Group. Since its formation, the firm has emerged as a leading provider of wide-ranging financial advice across the Latin American market. With a two-decade experience, REG has successfully met the diverse needs and expectations of each client. Additionally, its day-to-day operations revolve around the provision of premium products within their regulatory policies with the aim of maintaining high-quality standards.


REG’s success is directly attributed to a highly talented in-house team of professionals that works with zeal and zest to deliver reliable products at any given time. Mr. Gerard Gonzalez, the firm’s Executive Director, is credited with personally overseeing the development and design of the useful device, with the aid of Tecknolution. Their six-month collaborative partnership has successfully revolutionized investment in real estate in ways never imagined before.


Fortunately, the App operates on the latest tech platform and can be accessed across Android and IOS operating systems. With the Davos CAP Calculator, you are provided with unlimited access to properties available in your locality and their past real estate reports. According to Osio, the company deemed it necessary to develop a mobile application that is equipped to guide clients make sound investment decisions across the U.S. Wherever you are, you are provided with round-the-clock assistance on the most profitable investments to make. Alternatively, customers can also estimate their mortgage based on the projections provided by Banks.


The Davos Real Estate Group has witnessed a revamp of its customer service and market strategies with the invention of the Davos CAP Calculator. Since its development, the enterprise has embarked on a comprehensive partnership with foreign investors to tap into international markets in Europe.


David Osio in Brief


Mr. Osio currently serves as the CEO of Davos Financial Group, a leading independent enterprise specializing in financial advisory services and expert asset management. However, the entity initially built a reputation for itself by serving local clientele in Venezuela. Before holding such an esteemed position, Mr. Osio had served as Vice President of commercial banking at the Banco Latino International based in Miami, Florida. Osio is an alumnus of Universidad Catolica with an honorary degree in Law.

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The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson of the United Communications Group holds over four decades of experience within the business industry. Bruce Levenson have worked hard to obtain a fortune and to make sure that his name and legacy have continued to be passed on to not only his family members, but also to his peers that love and respect him. As United Communications Group co-founder Bruce Levenson has had the main goal ever since he was young to start a business that is based around providing information to others around the world. Bruce Levenson is passionate about providing information on some of the world’s most complex topics such as healthcare as well as the energy industry. Bruce Levenson has become a successful individual not because of his goal to become successful and wealthy, but due to his dedication to help others in the process of gaining success, says PR Newswire.

Bruce Levenson comes from a traditional Jewish family which taught his the importance of maintaining family values in every aspect of life. With this in mind, Bruce Levenson has been able to successfully combine traditional values with a mix of modernization. With every important decision that Bruce Levenson has made in the world of business, Bruce Levenson has always made sure to consult his family first. In recent ESPN news, Bruce Levenson has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company under the claim of the breach of contract by the former general manager. Bruce Levenson wants to make sure that this will not continue and that no one else will have problems with this insurance company. Though the claim is a confidential claim, Bruce Levenson eventually settled and has since then been able to make sure that this breach in contract has not continued to be experienced by other clients of the firm.

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Get Reliable Medical Services With A Superior Medicare Advantage Plan

InnovaCare is the largest managed health care provider in North America. They are well known for their Advantage Plan that is available to Medicare and Medicaid recipients. InnovaCare is committed to serving their beneficiaries with sustainable healthcare models and cost effective services on innovacarehealth.com. You get reliable coverage that will give you extended services that will allow you to get visual and dental services that aren’t covered under Medicare. They have advanced technology features that meet the demands of an ever changing complex medical industry on bizjournals.com. They are fully integrated with many solutions to your medical needs along with the assistance of a friendly and knowledgeable representative when you need it.

InnovaCare is spearheaded by CEO Richard Shinto, M.D., & MBA and backed by the assistance of chief operating officer Penelope Kokkindies. He is well known for being a top leadership professional in healthcare. He was formally a part of the management team of Aveta Inc. until the were sold in 2012. He has over 20+ years in clinical and operational experience in managed healthcare. He recently won the Access To Caring Award in direct relation to his exemplary healthcare solutions and managed healthcare leadership associated with his position at InnovaCare. He was quoted in a recent PRN News article saying, he was honored to receive a prestigious award.

Penelope Kokkindies is one part of the brains behind InnovaCare and plays a major role in managing daily operations and the effectiveness of affordable Medicare Advantage Plans. Penelope Kokkinides admits that many people are lacking healthcare and she strives hard to improve the benefits of healthcare coverage for their valued customers. She is committed to the highest standard of customer service excellency in the industry. Penelope Kokkinides pioneers many services that will continue to make healthcare affordable for their beneficiaries.

InnovaCare is redefining healthcare one step at a time. Their patients always come first and they have a strong patient-provider relationship. This leads to a healthy outcome and build a confident bridge between manage healthcare services and their beneficiaries. Their goal at InnovaCare is growth as a healthcare provider and an enhanced quality of life. You never have to worry about the services provided under their Medicare Advantage plan on ideamensch.com. They offer oriented goals that are led by the leading physicians in the industry. You’re invited to learn more about InnovaCare by visiting their official website or visiting one of the central based home offices.

How John Goullet Rose to Become one of the most Success Entrepreneur in IT Industry


John Goullet is one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs. He has been behind some successful IT companies in the United States. Goullet began his career in the Information Technology immediately after he finished schooling. Back then, Goullet was an IT consultant before moving to IT staffing in 1994. For the period he worked in the field of IT staffing, he gained a clear understanding of the industry, and this paved him a way to start a company.

About Info Technologies

Goullet founded Info Technologies an IT firm that concentrated on the provision of solutions to problems faced by big corporations across the United States. His startup was a success. In fact, Info Technologies was ranked eighth of 500 fastest-growing private businesses in America. In a period of 5 years, the company had grown to $30 million dollars.

In the year 2010, Goullet decided to merge Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. for growth and expansion. Both companies joined to form Diversant LLC. The move benefited the owners of the two companies. They were able to reach more clients and increase revenue. Diversant became the biggest IT Staffing Company owned by African-American in the United States.

About Diversant LLC.

Diversant LLC is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise. It concentrates on providing a broad range of services. Among the services that the company offers include direct hire and IT Staff augmentation among others. For the period that Goullet has served as the principle of Diversant, he has helped the company to connect over 1000 qualified IT specialists to several Fortune 1000 companies. The company’s performance have been good, and it is expected to grow, expand and reach a wider client base.


John Goullet vast experience in the field of Information Technology has played a great role in the success of the companies he has been affiliated with. He kicked off his career as an Information Technology consultant and later he got into it staffing where he started his company. Bonding with Diversant LLC was one of the best moves he made throughout his career.

The Success of Brian Bonar

Of the many financial investors that have been able to make a name for themselves within this competitive industry of finance, one individual has stood out not only for his expertise and his access to information that is not only the market, but also for his ability to create a tailored investment opportunities for each of his client that makes them feel unique.

This individual is Brian Bonar, an individual who is considered to be a financial guru who has been able to correctly speculate the world of investment for many of his clients. Brian Bonar is not only able to offer investment advice that will yield the highest returns, but has also been able to offer advice that is specifically tailored to each of the needs of his clients. Brian Bonar loves people and only wants to see each individual excel under his excellent investment advice for the future.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is not only known to be a leader, but is also known to be an executive within the world of investment. As the creator of a financial firm that is known as Trucept, Incorporated, Brian Bonar has been able to help countless individuals with different desire for their investments.

Brian Bonar has been able to use his knowledge and his experience to point out the best industries to put investments in that will yield the highest return. With a leadership background in the world of business, this only adds to the credentials of Brian Bonar and has put complete faith back into his clients within the financial industry.

Brian Bonar initially did not start out within the world of finance due to the fact that Brian Bonar started out with a background in technology. With this background and with his change of heart to become involved within the world of business, Brian Bonar has been able to put together countless successful businesses within the help of his innovative and his creative mind. Brian Bonar has been able to create business structures that truly work that even rely heavily on technology that make sure that each of his companies run efficiently.

The specialty that Brian Bonar holds within the world of finance is his ability to merge companies together and his ability to acquired companies efficiently. Brian Bonar is a passionate individual who demonstrates his passion on a daily basis when he meets with clients as well as employees.

His passion within the world of finance has inspired many individuals to follow his path and to continue the work that Brian Bonar has started. With decades of experience within the world of finance, Brian Bonar has many more plans for the future of his company as well as investments to be made.

New Brunswick NJ Police Use Modern Technology to Track Suspects in Quincy Circle Shootings

Pizzerias are accustom to getting the occasional prank calls for pizza orders. It’s a tradition for teens, college students and the occasional adult. There are times the pranks cost the driver the cost of the pizza, not to mention the wasted gas. It’s a sour note in the life of a delivery driver.


What isn’t in the job description is being robbed while attempting to deliver the pranked pizza order. Such was the case on November 20th, 2012, when a Brunswick Pizza delivery driver was accosted at N building of a housing complex on Quincy Circle in New Brunswick, NJ.


The driver was returning to his vehicle when he was approached by a trio who claimed they had actually ordered the pizza. The driver quickly found a handgun aimed at his forehead. The malcontent welding the handgun demanded the driver’s wallet, cash and the pizza. The driver, though he complied, was shot while being relieved of the pizza and personal property. The trio fled on foot to a nearby parking lot.


Witnesses informed police the trio then fled in an older model minivan. Police used the vehicle description, along with pinging cell towers in the vicinity of the assault to locate one of the individuals in question. Parysh Wood aka P-Gun/Pistol, was charged with the November 2012 robbery in April 2013, while in Middlesex County Jail on unrelated charges of robbing other pizza delivery drivers.


A string of nine pizza delivery driver robberies covered five cities beginning in Mid-November 2012. Police believe a woman, possibly Justina Hampton, who was also arrested in relation to the robberies, would call in the phony pizza orders to lure the drivers into an ambush. Other persons of interest were being investigated at the time articles appeared on news source websites such as New Brunswick Today and South Brunswick Path.


Quincy Circle has been a hot spot for criminal activity for years. The night of October 5th, 2015 would be no different. Police responded to the report of three to four gun shots around 9:30pm. A while later, an individual suffering from a non-life threatening bullet wound walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The suspect in the shooting was described simply as a man wearing a hoodie fleeing on foot. Police would return to the scene of the shooting the following morning when alerted to additional bullet casings being discovered.

How Fabletics Is Succeeding As A Brand In The Presence Of Amazon

It is hard as a fashion company to succeed in the online market when companies like Amazon are capturing over 20% of the total online market. Amazon offers clothing at a cheaper price and customers like that they can order it along with ordering toothpaste, a book, a winter hat for their child, and a new batteries. 2 day shipping offered by Amazon and the realm of products offered makes them a convenient go to. A company like Fabletics has their work cut out for them when competing with a company like Amazon, but they seem to be handling the job extremely well.


What Fabletics does is focuses on service. With all of the competition online it is important to make the customer experience as valuable to them as possible, to keep their business. Fabletics offers a streamlined and affordable membership service online for the active lifestyle millennial woman and man. They know the active lifestyle woman fits a lot into her busy schedule, so they streamline the shopping experience for her. A style quiz at the beginning of VIP membership lets the stylists know what she likes and what kind of workouts she does. Each month, the member receives a hand selected group of clothes that are chosen just for her. For $50 per month she can buy an entire outfit. Not bad, considering the similar competition on the market selling one leg of pants for the same price. Offerings include sports bras, running shorts, cropped yoga pants, full length yoga pants, running tops, sport bra tops, and zip up jackets. Many of the pieces work together season to season so the fitness wardrobe can be built upon and added to.


The Fabletics members get to have this experience every month, and because of this they have a loyal customer base. The recent openings of several brick and mortar stores ended up being an extension of the customer service experience for their clients. This gave them the opportunity to shop in person in addition to their online membership. There are also new athleisure pieces available in the store that are not available online, like jackets, dresses, and pieces they can add into their athletic wardrobe to expand it and make it more versatile.


The storefronts also attract new customers who may have heard of Fabletics through their branding and marketing. When the new customer walks into the store they are not simply entering a retail storefront they have never heard of, and even if they have not, they will soon become aware of the membership benefits and how the program works. By offering walk ins a taste of what the brand offers at their fabulous prices they are more compelled to become interested in the membership where they can have exclusive access to a wider breadth of merchandise stylized just for them every month. Fabletics signs up new customers directly from their store making membership an easy and integrative experience that just becomes a part of their storefront operation.