The Secret for Growth of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is enjoying a steady growth, hitting $250 million in just three years. It is an achievement considering that Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. Fabletics is part of the ‘activewear’ movement and customers buy the clothing through subscriptions. When you have registered as a member, it is easier to find the right piece of clothing. For many decades, high-quality products have been known for the high prices placed on them. Nowadays that is not the case. Competition on the market is getting tougher, and companies have been forced to focus on what makes the customers happy.


In the fashion industry, brand recognition, customer experience, and great designs are vital. Fabletics has followed this new strategy to the latter, and it is working for them. The company is looking forward to opening more physical stores. They will be an addition to the 16 sixteen physical stores that are in places such as Illinois, Florida, and California. Gregg Throgmartin, the general manager at Fabletics, says that the secret to success in their membership model is to offer personalized services to customers at a lower price. He adds that it is easier to make someone happy if you know what he/she wants.


There are three ways Fabletics does its business differently. The first is having the same content in physical and in digital form. What they do is collect online data about fashion preferences in a particular area. They combine this with the global fashion trends. The result is that the local physical stores will have exactly what the customers want. The second is something known as ‘reverse showrooming.’ In most cases, customers check out products in physical stores then buy the same clothing at a lower price elsewhere. Fabletics approach is allowing the customers to browse and buy. The result is that half of the people who enter a Fabletics physical store are already members and for those who enter, 25 percent of them become members.


Lastly, Fabletics focuses on people and their culture. They know how to market their products in such a way that it will appeal to the 21st-century customer. Accessibility, membership programs and smart distribution methods are some of the things that put them above their competitors. Many websites have given Fabletics positive reviews. Krazy Coupon Lady said that the outfits were affordable (each at just $25). In A Foodie Stays Fit, the outfits from Fabletics are described as being of high quality (soft, hold their shape and don’t fade). Lastly but not least, Trust Pilot rates Fabletics “Great” at 7.9 stars out of ten.

The Branding of Trucept Inc and Brian Bonar Enduring Work Experience

Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) at the forefront of providing staffing services in San Diego announced in early 2013 that it was changing its name to Trucept Inc for strategic reasons.

According to a PRNewswire article published on January 3 2013, the announcement was made by the company CEO Mr. Brian Bonar. The CEO reiterated that the change of the name was overdue because the company had long advanced from delivering high tech security solutions some 5 years earlier.

The solutions offered by Trucept, Inc include everyday staffing and employment services such as human resources support, safety programs, payroll processing, employee benefits preparation and workers compensation insurance.

The strategy is designed to help client companies focus their energy on building capacity by growing capital and increasing productivity using internally derived concepts. The advance was seen as a first step in the company’s long term strategy of relieving HR departments and staffing managers of arduous and often time consuming tasks.

Bonar added that the name Trucept aptly represents the company’s new business strategy of targeting business owners. Since the change along with a new ticker symbol for stock trading was designed to give the company utmost market flexibility.

The Trucept brand also operates the Solving Group, a renowned staffing brand in the states of California and Michigan.

Brian Bonar is a highly successful financial expert and seasoned investor. His skills include marketing strategy, Mergers and Acquisition, sourcing venture capital, business development and process improvement. According to a profile appearing in, Bonar is currently the Chairman, President, CEO of Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation.

The Dalrada Financial Corporation is focused on helping clients organize their resources and increase competence. Before moving to Dalrada, Bonar served at the various companies, including Rastek Financial Corporation, Bezier Systems and QMS. He is also the founder of AMS Outsourcing and Chairman and acting CEO of Amanda Inc, a position he assumed in 2002. Brian took charge at Trucept, Inc in January 2013.

On board memberships, Brian Bonar is presently the Board Chairman of Warning Management Services, Allegiant Professional Business Services and Amanda Corporation among other corporations serving various sectors of the economy.

Bonar was previously the Board Chairman of Solvis Group, Tradeshow Products, Imaging Technologies and Greenland Corporation. According the website Brianbonarsandiego.wikidot, during his 4 year tenure at QMS as Director of Engineering, Bonar managed to successfully steer a team of 100 engineers in developing various software and hardware solutions.

On the communal front, Bonar is a member and supporter of the American Finance Association and Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. Brian Bonar studied at the University of Strathclyde and Stafford University for his respective Bachelors Degree and MBA.

Beautiful Women In Hollywood


In Hollywood, there is no shortage of wildly attractive people. Hollywood is home to three especially talented and beautiful babes: Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel, and Kate Winslet. These leading ladies are each alluring in their own way, and always leave us wanting more!
Sofia Vergara is a beautiful Latin bombshell with a bodacious body. From her luscious hair to amazing curves, Sofia Vergara hot, and she exudes sex appeal. Sofia is also incredibly funny and talented. She is most known for her role on Modern Family where her humor and fiery personality come to life on the screen.
Jessica Biel sexy pictures showcase how she is the adorable girl next door who owns the sweet, all-American look. Her sex appeal comes from her lovable looks and her down-to-earth demeanor. Most people probably remember her from her role on 7th Heaven. Since then she has worked on many different films and is a highly sought-after actress in Hollywood.
Kate Winslet is the timeless beauty that we all know and love. While there is no real sex in movies that she’s starred in, her charm and sophistication truly define her as a leading lady. She rose to fame alongside Leonardo Dicaprio with their performances on the ever-famous, Titanic. She has since had a very successful career and received countless nominations and awards.
While Hollywood is home to some of the most gorgeous people on this earth, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel and Kate Winslet prove to be forces to be reckoned with. They are confident, beautiful, and talented women that the world should be looking to.

Kim Dao & Her Boyfriend Answer Questions about their Long Distance Relationship

Kim Dao reveals to her audience what it is like to be in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend in this video. While Kim Dao lives in Japan, her boyfriend Eric lives miles away in Australia. Kim Dao and her boyfriend, who is present in the video since he and Kim were on holiday in Singapore at the time of recording, take turns answering questions from subscribers concerning how they make their long distance romance work for them. The questions are light hearted, and their answers match the tone of each question. For instance, one person asked “Where will you take your next holiday together?” Kim Dao replied I want to go to London to which Eric jokingly followed up with by saying, “Ok, we’ll go there and she’ll fund that trip.” There were even more funny moments when someone asked Kim Dao what she likes about her boyfriend. After an exaggerated pause, the cricket sound effects came on, and her boyfriend said “Don’t pause too long.” The moment turns tender when she reveals that he is a good person and that she feels as if she can trust him. They are seated in a cozy hotel bed together, adding to the closeness of the moment as they reveal more about their relationship throughout the video.

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Phenomenon Experience with White Shark Media AdWord Campaign

As a small business owner, I was impressed by the quality of services I received from White Shark Media Inc. I was happy to work with them since they are specialists in marketing providing their clients with AdWords as well as Bing Ads services.


When I signed in with the company, they came in and referred me to the Shopify platform. This platform allows me to enhance my marketing, manage my daily sales, and market trends. Additionally, white shark kept me happy by managing my AdWord from the first day. This allows me to optimize my sales as well as achieve my monthly targets.


The AdWord provided by White Shark allows me to advertise my business on Google. These ads favor my business as more clients keep calling me for deliveries since I started using this marketing tool. Besides, I use Bing Ads to promote my product and business to the Bing users.


White Shark has the best customer care services. When I call them with an issue with the AdWord campaign for my e-commerce website, they are quick to respond. They always sort my issue within the shortest time possible. Besides, the organization offers me a free evaluation of my AdWord campaign.


Let me say that the AdWord price is considerate and affordable. The quality of services I received makes you feel like offering a bonus on top of your bill. They make your every coin worth spending.


I do not regret at all bringing White Shark on board. Together I can see better results coming in than before when I was working alone. Furthermore, I can access some of their employees even on weekends when I have a problem via email.


My experience with this media has been impressive. The AdWord campaign has transformed my business from a small to a medium scale.


Cotemar’s Sustainability Strategies

Cotemar is a renowned oil company which resides at Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. It has been in operation for almost four decades.


For steady operations in the sea, Cotemar has stationary ships that provide offshore maintenance services. They have sophisticated diving equipment for the inspection of undersea process lines.


The company has several cargo ships with sections for construction materials and refrigerated compartments for provisions and food supplies. The fleet also has vessels for transporting petroleum from oil fields.


Cotemar carries out modernized engineering and maintenance using mobile sub-submersible rigs. They have great derrick cranes and ample storage areas for the assembly of prefabricated equipment.


Cotemar’s working conditions are some of the best in the world. They provide excellent accommodation and catering services to their employees. They provide them with food, laundry and general cleaning services.


The accommodation cabins host two or four people. Workers enjoy other amenities like cinema halls, TV rooms, gyms and basketball courts.




Cotemar manages to stay sustainable due to its commitment to the welfare of the people, environmental care, community development, and robust corporate governance. The company has a stable Corporate Social Responsibility Program that incorporates and documents all their activities.


This program helps Cotemar to accomplish innovative projects helping the company to achieve its mission, vision, and objectives.


Cotemar is a socially responsible company which upholds the welfare of its employees. They create jobs that help the workers to realize and develop their full potential. They also encourage the integral development of their team and their families through an equity program, industrial safety, education, health, sport, and various activities that promote family integration and a sense of belonging.


The management at Cotemar understands that the company cannot succeed without the input of the community. They create jobs, and through institutions and social programs, they promote culture, health, education and sports.


Cotemar regards environmental issues highly. They work within guidelines and regulations that safeguard the sustainability of the environment. The company raises awareness about the conservation of the environment through pro-ecological activities that cause minimal damage.


Cotemar has high professional practice strategies, and they trade ethically. Their policies support transparency and the upholding of the values of the company.

Focus on TDL Global Ventures President, Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar ventured into the real estate industry back in 1995. Todd learnt within a short time that his marvel for each facet in business and desire to assist others would make finance and real estate his life career. His first experience in business was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator where he appreciated the Mortgage banking conservative model. This experience has proved to be invaluable in his career. Todd spent most of his time growing relationships with CPA’s, insurance agents, real estate agents and financial planners who comprise a great referral business source.

Legacy Financial Group Experience

Todd took another important step in 1999 when he acquired an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. He got the opportunity to grow his capabilities in lending as he brokered a number of loans to external investors and as an express Mortgage bank. He took his focus on real estate to another level by opening Legendary Properties LLC (residential development company) in 2002. This establishment allowed him to facilitate rapid progression in buying, rehabilitating, selling and getting profits on over 200 transactions from single and multi-family properties. He forged relationships with experienced persons in the building sector who could produce quality products in a timely manner. He established great relationships with key banking institutions thereby establishing high credit lines of around 20 million dollars.

Charter Funding

In 2003, in continuing with the Mortgage Banking Industry, Todd established Charter Funding. It was a subsidiary of one of the largest private mortgage companies, First Magnus Financial Corporation. He was able to expand the business due to a great access to various programs and products. He observed the market for 12 years and assessed undeserved clients as his niche.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar went to Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC from 1977-1987. He then joined Syracuse University and received a B.A. in Speech Communication in 1995. His main focus was mortgage banking but had investments in the recycling, night club, demolition and real estate development industries. His vast experience in a number of businesses has helped him learn all that is required for a business to excel in different environments. Presently, Todd is focusing on helping needy people and is the TDL Ventures president. For more info, visit

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