About Greg Secker

A master trader and successful entrepreneur, Greg Secker is the founder of the Action Knowledge Group. Established in 2003, Greg’s Action Knowledge Group is made up of numerous agencies that present modern trading technology and software.Born in the UK, Secker is an alumnus to the Nottingham Food and Agricultural Science University. After his education, Secker would commence his career as a professional technologist trader at the Thomas Cook Financial Services where he served as the foreign exchange trade systems developer.

He went on to the Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. At the agency, he acquired vast industry knowledge. From here, he moved on to individual Forex trading and assumed a full-time trader position. With his vast experience, Secker has been fundamental in mentoring small companies around the world. Secker is also the developer of the Greg Secker Foundation, a charitable organization that offers targeted youth programs meant to teach leadership skills and enhances educational opportunities.

According to the renowned businessman, trading is the active lifestyle based on investments and trade choices arrived upon after studying the current global financial markets trends. Secker says that anyone can become successful as long as they manage their working hours effectively. He also argues that the success road is not without its challenges, so it’s better to know what you want. Greg says that business, just like any other activity needs prior knowledge and understanding of the involved methodology. He says that any new trader has to be conversant with the Forex markets, used terminology and also have an understanding of the Forex trading process.

Greg Secker also recommends for new traders to find mentors. Most of the industry leaders first began through being led by people who had already succeeded in Forex Trading. He says that at least, someone has to start from the bottom and work the way up and by emulating successful trading styles and methodology, new traders can build up experience and become successful in the art of Forex trading. Secker also gives counsel to new comers to stick to one trading strategy. Switching up trading strategies might increase short term outcomes, but constantly changing the trading strategy is not an efficient method for accruing good profit. Secker also says that good focus is the important element to victory; hence, it is always better to stick to one long term trading strategy.


Roberto Santiago The Visionary

Roberto Santiago was born on July 16, 1958 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He attended school at Pio X-Marist and soon after The University of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago’s first taste of success was a small cafeteria in at Café Santa Rosa. He saved his money there and also made a couple of smart investments that enabled him to buy the piece of land in which he built the thing he is most famous for : The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.

The Mall has an area of over one-hundred thirty-five thousand square feet and has enough space in the parking lot to accommodate three-thousand one-hundred eighty vehicles. The mall has a multitude of features that draw crowds and tourists from all over the world. There is a school, bank, game zone, kids’ zone, eleven movie theatres, food court, shopping mall, garden, spa , salon, banquet hall, an ice cream parlor and more!The mall is open everyday of the week, so customers and tourists always have access to the amazing mall! The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is the Largest mall in the state of Paraiba, and is one of the largest malls in the whole country of Brazil. Santiago started the building and construction of the mall in nineteen eighty-seven and finished the project two years later.

One of the most popular features of the Roberto Santiago shopping center is Domus Hall. Domus Hall is a space above the mall that was finished being built in 2009. There is enough space inside to accommodate concerts, fairs, exhibits, and huge gatherings. Domus Hall has a two-story structure; a mezzanine level that has separate rooms for lounge music as well as private events and parties, and a ground floor for events that may be a little larger than a get together or small party. Within Domus Hall, around ten thousand people can be accommodated standing up, and about four thousand seated people.

Roberto Santiago has always committed himself to make his shopping center the best in the country and to provide everything that the customer needs. Roberto Santiago says he gained success from following four main attributes : discipline, hard work, passion, and commitment. He also hopes to inspire more and more young entrepreneurs and urges them to always go follow their dreams and make them come true. Santiago always gives back to his community which makes sense why the people love and respect him so much as a person and as a businessman.


How the Brown Agency Differs from Other Modeling Agencies

In the modeling world, agencies can sometimes be the culprit of the bad things that happen to models. They either push them too hard to succeed, they don’t provide them with enough jobs or they put them up against each other so that they fail at the things that they are doing. This is a result of a poor modeling agency but it is important to note that not all modeling agencies are created equal and that can set some apart from others. The Brown Modeling Agency is one of the few that does not do these practices. Instead, they try to make sure that they are providing people with a chance to succeed. They put a lot of hope and faith in their models and they work to make sure that they are as successful as possible in the different areas that they have them in.

Some modeling agencies simply do not want their models to be successful. They care only for the money that the models might be paying them and that is a sign of a bad agency. The Brown Modeling Agency works to make sure that their models are successful. They have different appointments that the models can make to ensure that they are contacting the right people. They also have training opportunities for the models so that they can learn more about what they need to do to make themselves better models. All of this goes along with the fact that the Brown Modeling Agency wants to see its models be successful in their own careers.

According to Market Wired, some agencies only give jobs to a few people. Some, on the other hand, give jobs to everyone. The Brown Modeling Agency is very careful with the jobs that they give out. They want to make sure that their models are taken care of and, for that reason; they do everything that they can to make sure that their models have the jobs that they want. The agency chooses jos that line up with the models’ abilities and they work to be sure that their models are able to get what they need out of the different jobs that they have to offer them.

For the Brown  Agency, all of their models are worth something. They want to make sure that the models are taken care of and that they don’t have to worry about the problems that can come from some of the modeling agencies that they have. There are many positives that come with the agency and the fact that they do not make their models compete against each other is, perhaps, one of the best benefits that the models are able to enjoy when they work for them.

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Alfonso De Angoitia, Grupo Televisa’s Trump Card For Success

In Mexico, the media industry has become dominated by national brands and corporations that deliver high-quality news with an emphasis in factorial journalism and covering the daily stories of what is happening in Mexico and in the world.

One of the most prominent examples of a powerful news brand in the Spanish-talking country is the Televisa Group, or, in their mother language, Grupo Televisa. They became a reckoning force in all of the medias of Mexico and are a relevant name in every Mexican’s mind. Everybody in the country knows Grupo Televisa, because they are everywhere.

This enormous success can be studied and dated back to some of the major decisions of the group, mainly those under the command of the current President and the Executive Vice President of the group. Alfonso de Angoitia, who was born in 1962 and joined the team in 1997, holds the Vice President position and responsibility for much of the triumph of Grupo Televisa as a massive corporation.

He didn’t, obviously, start his career with Televisa as the Vice President of the group right from the beginning, but it didn’t take too much time to become one of the most prominent names in the industry. Alfonso joined the board of directors of the team and was already helping some of their major decisions with his take on it, demonstrating a big compromise with the future of the enterprise right from his entry. Suck dedication earned him the countless opportunities to climb the ranks of the corporation, which then led Alfonso de Angoitia to assume his role as the CFO, Chief Financial Officer, for four years, beginning in 1999.

The businessman is more than a simple financial leader for Grupo Televisa, as the employees of the high-end of the enterprise consider the man as the mastermind behind some of the strongest points of the company and a key participant in the enormous success that it has achieved since his entry.

Alfonso Angoitia has, in part of his triumph, a huge chunk of determination and experience in the business, but some co-workers believe that he is a natural in understanding the world of business and finances. According to the owner of Grupo Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga Jean, without Alfonso de Angoitia Noriego, Grupo Televisa could easily have fallen their ranks and lost the throne of the most watched news brand in all Spanish-speaking countries in the world to one of their competitors.

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Desiree Perez is a Woman on the Move

Roc Nation has grown into one of the world’s dominant entertainment corporations. They have their hands in virtually every aspect of the modern entertainment industry, working with musicians, producers, songwriters and professional athletes. They work with famous names such as Rihanna, Shakira, Fat Joe, Dez Bryant and Kevin Durant.

Desiree Perez, who is also known as Dez Perez is the powerful woman behind the scenes of Roc Nation. She has a close working relationship with superstar and music industry mogul Jay Z. For almost 20 years, Perez has proved herself a highly competent leader in an industry often dominated by men. She has shown herself to be well qualified for such a prestigious position, particularly in her skills as a tough negotiator and numbers cruncher. Check on for related article.

The top Roc Nation executive Dez Perez and Jay Z recently met with the CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG), Sir Lucian Grainge in Santa Monica, California. This meeting has led to talk that UMG might want a significant stake in Roc Nation. If this is the case, the investment will give Perez and Roc Nation additional capital for the development of new artists. UMG currently has a distribution deal with Roc Nation, but it is only a small percentage of their overall involvement. If this deal were to become a reality, it would mean that UMG would play a much larger role in working with Roc Nations talent. More of this on

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Desiree Perez is doing an incredible job growing and managing such a large and successful company. She has been in this industry for long enough to know her way around and is no pushover. Her negotiation skills have taken her far up the chain of command, and it seems only the sky is the limit.  For her timeline activity updates, click on

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Adam Milstein’s Theory on His Success

Recognized as a great business man and philanthropist, Adam Milstein has made a name for himself across the globe. The Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein has built quite a resume over the years. The Israel native also works as a real estate investor. He has founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and is responsible for the success of many other organizations.


Adam Milstein has built an impressive resume over the years. He is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. At this position he works specifically as the leader of their national expansion. He also has important roles a board member for the Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs and the Jewish Funders Network. He has even put together an organization that hat provides free books in each month. These books teach Jewish values to thousands of Israeli-Jewish-American families in the United States.


During a recent interview with idea mensch, Milstein gave some insight into the success he has had over the years. His idea for Hager Pacific Properties came from a a lack of satisfaction with the job market upon graduating from USC where he received an MBA. The lack of job opportunity led him to to go out on his own, and started working as real estate broker. He would later go on to become an investor in real estate.


Milstein believes in three core values: follow-up, consistency, and persistency. He feels these are the traits that have led to much of his success. Over the years as an entrepreneur he has learned that it is important to to understand the issue yourself. Other people will not always be able to give you the necessary solution. Milstein has a unique approach of not setting specific goals. He understands that things change and does not want to be limited in his approach. He looks at his career through positive lenses. He doesn’t feel he has made any bad choices.


Adam Milstein has built a career that is respected by many. With such an incredible track record and a dedication to success, Milstein should continue to make an impact for many more years to come.

Top Japanese Hair Products with Kim Dao!

Have you ever longed for beautiful hair or would like your hair to be youthful again?

Kim Dao has some fantastic suggestions on hair products from Japan. If you bleach your hair quite a bit, try Kim Dao’s recommendation with Kao Essential for rich damage care treatment that should be used like a conditioner for 30 seconds. Did you know that there are Japanese hair products for every situation? For instance, waking up with messy bed hair can be fixed with Shiseido Ma Cherie Perfect Shower! Just spray onto your hair where ever necessary to get ready for the new day. This spray is lightly scented and very good use for those who wash their hair at night or those who do not wash their hair often. According to Kim Dao, there is one type of shampoo called Kao Merit shampoo for those who like to wash up quickly and stay on a budget. In fact, it is the best-selling shampoo in Japan! It is a foam-like substance that is very environmental-friendly with eucalyptus extract for moisturizer as well as fruit acids. Learn more:


Venus Spa Hair Fragrance is a product superb for keeping hair smell fresh especially after a heavy dinner meal and this product also contains hyaluronic acid and amino acids to help repair damage hair. If you have coarse frizzy hair then the fruity scented Tsubaki Extra Moist shampoo is the one for you. It gently cleanses, hydrates, enhances elasticity, and softens scalp for more moisture. Tsubaki Shiseido Damage Care treatment contains camellia oil to assist with dryness and split ends. This treatment care product also has amino acids strengthening hair follicles. Kim Dao usually applies this to the ends of her hair to treat the split ends for about 20 minutes once a week leaving the hair smooth and soft. Another soft and bouncy look is the long-lasting Kao Keep Super Hard Hair Spray that keeps hair in tact even through rain or wind. A multipurpose hair product is Kracie Ichikami Hair Styling Water used as a heat and static electric protectant, moisturizes, reduces frizzy, and prevents messy hair. Learn more:


Oshimatsubaki Camellia hair care oil has many uses not only for hair, but also makeup removal and for the body. Kim Dao uses this for a smoother and silkier hair look and it can be applied before or after shower, practically any time of day as well! The last item is Lumielina Hair Beuron Curling iron that is on the more expensive end, but well worth the money for an ever-lasting look of flawless curly hair. Learn more about kim dao: