Andy Wirth Helps With Travel Into And Out Of Reno-Lake

The Reno-Lake Tahoe Airport Authority Board is the panel that tries to make it easier to travel to the area, and they have a new CEO in Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth is also the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, and he is very invested in the area because of his business interests. He is watching the way the weather is changing how much snow they get in the area, and he also wants people to remember that this is a great ski destination.

The best part of this is that he has done this before in a couple other cities. He is looking for companies like JetBlue to come to the airport with their routes and customers, and those people will go into the hills to ski. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

He has two hotels in the area that can host these people, and they look out over a valley that is filled with other hotels where people can stay. It is really easy for the people of the area to have better businesses if Andy Wirth can get more people flying to the airport.

The Reno-Lake Tahoe Airport Authority Board is the only place that can bring in more travelers to the area easily. They are going to lean on Andy Wirth to see how much can be done, and they are going to work with him to be sure that he is giving them new ways to improve.

They have to work pretty hard to make sure that they are going to be able to advertise with these airlines that have decided to come to the area.

It is helpful to have a travel expert as CEO of the airport board. The Lake Tahoe region gets forgotten because it is an old outpost for skiing, but Andy Wirth thinks he can bring it back to life. Serving on the airport board will help, and helping bring travelers to the area will increase the vacation crowd every ski season.