Cassio Audi: Experienced Executive and Investment Manager

The Brazilian economy is among the top ten economies in the world. This is because of the long term and economic growth that it has experienced in the last few decades. It has managed to remain stable even as other countries in South America struggle to stay afloat. The country is slowly recovering from an economic slump.

Many investment firms have opened offices in the country to gauge the market better and to conduct operations efficiently. The country has been attractive to investors because of the various investment opportunities that exist. These opportunities include real estate, mining, agriculture, technology companies, and traditional assets.

It is important to consider investment managers who have an understanding of the Brazilian economy since there are many avenues for one to choose. Most of the investors have resorted to traditional assets and products such as bonds and shares. This is because they have a low volatility and offer very low risk to investors. Competent managers are in high demand now to help firms to make good investments during these tough times. One of the managers with extensive experience in the Brazilian market is Cassio Audi.

Audi joined the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 1989. He graduated with a degree in Business in 1994. He returned to graduate school five years after completing his degree to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration. Audi graduated with an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo in 2000.

Audi has held important positions at the various companies where he has worked. Cassio Audi has more than two decades of experience in the investment sector. He knows the Brazilian market very well. Audi speaks fluent English and Spanish. This makes him a valuable asset when dealing with international clients because he is able to relate to them.

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