EOS Lip Balm Beats Chapstick by Providing Wild Enchanting Flavors

It is undisputed that lip balm is a vital grooming ingredient for the lips. That is why with the introduction of EOS lip balm in the oral care industry, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were spotted using one of the best lip balm brands in the market. Before EOS lip balm was introduced to the market, Chapstick was the leading brand. This was a tricky to purchase brand because it came in two flavors. One was minty with a refreshing taste, and the other brand was called the original flavor meaning it had no additional flavors.


Chapstick felt clinical with an active composition of listed ingredients on the container. This brand was strictly available in chemists. Unlike Chapstick, EOS lip balm can be found in supermarkets. Among the stores that sell ESO lip balm are Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Target. Most top profile beauty editors like Cosmo and Allure featured ESO lip balm because of its honeydew and grapefruit flavors. Products from Evolution of Smooth Company have been making news headlines through fashion and beauty magazines.


Although the founders of the company hardly discuss the financial position of EOS, they categorically disclosed that some businesses in the company are worth $ 250 million. According to Kline Research, EOS is the world’s second best-selling oral care products in the category of lip balms. Burt’s Bees lip balm tops the list with Blistex and Chapstick following in that order. Kline Research stated that EOS has massively contributed to the growth of the oral care industry. Currently, it sells more than one million pieces of lip balm in a week. The prospects of ESO lip balm registering massive progressive growth are high. It is projected that by 2020, the company shall have grown to approximately $2 billion profits. The demand for EOS lip balm originates from the natural ingredients it is made from. For more info, go to evolutionofsmooth.com.


Lime Crime Releases Incredible New Products

Lime Crime cosmetics company is known for their fun and funky makeup products. They have become incredibly popular because not many other companies off the variety of bright and unusual shades that they do. They are always creating new cosmetics to help their customers create looks that express their individual style. They are always working on products to add to their collections such as their new metallic lip shades that they have added to their Diamond Crushers collections.


The Diamond Crusher collection adds shimmer and shine to the cosmetics and with the addition of the metallic hues, they will create a stunning effect that will draw attention. They have developed shades such as Cleopatra which is a rose gold shade. Lime Crime didn’t just stop with cosmetics, however, they have recently begun to produce incredibly colored hair dye to add to their growing list of brightly colored product offerings.


Unicorn Hair is the name of their new hair dye line. It has yet to hit the shelves but is expected to be release sometime around April. The Unicorn Hair dye comes in eleven bold shades. Colors range from light pink to a deep rich purple. It is expected that Lime Crime loyalists will be waiting to buy them as soon as they are released for sale to the public. The jars of dye are priced at sixteen dollars each and will be available for purchase on Lime Crime’s website. With the release of exciting products such as these, fans of the company can’t help but wonder what they will come out with next.

Beautiful Women In Hollywood


In Hollywood, there is no shortage of wildly attractive people. Hollywood is home to three especially talented and beautiful babes: Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel, and Kate Winslet. These leading ladies are each alluring in their own way, and always leave us wanting more!
Sofia Vergara is a beautiful Latin bombshell with a bodacious body. From her luscious hair to amazing curves, Sofia Vergara hot, and she exudes sex appeal. Sofia is also incredibly funny and talented. She is most known for her role on Modern Family where her humor and fiery personality come to life on the screen.
Jessica Biel sexy pictures showcase how she is the adorable girl next door who owns the sweet, all-American look. Her sex appeal comes from her lovable looks and her down-to-earth demeanor. Most people probably remember her from her role on 7th Heaven. Since then she has worked on many different films and is a highly sought-after actress in Hollywood.
Kate Winslet is the timeless beauty that we all know and love. While there is no real sex in movies that she’s starred in, her charm and sophistication truly define her as a leading lady. She rose to fame alongside Leonardo Dicaprio with their performances on the ever-famous, Titanic. She has since had a very successful career and received countless nominations and awards.
While Hollywood is home to some of the most gorgeous people on this earth, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel and Kate Winslet prove to be forces to be reckoned with. They are confident, beautiful, and talented women that the world should be looking to.

Blogger Finally Achieves Big Shiny Fuller Hair After Trying WEN By Chaz

You could say it’s been Emily McClure’s dream for years now; she desired perfect Hollywood hair, the kind we often see on stars.
Could a woman with fine, thin, somewhat frizzy hair ever achieve that kind of amazing mane?

Emily remembered those popular TV infomercials featuring WEN by Chaz, the no lather shampoo method. So, she decided to take a 7-day hair challenge, using only WEN’s cleansing conditioners to see if a hair transformation could occur. She wrote up her results for Bustle and even included hair selfies.

WEN by Chaz remains the true original in a sea of no-poo products. Many competitors have tried to copy the master, stylist Chaz Dean, but have all failed miserably. WEN’s special cleansing conditioners are made with purity and from nature. These plant-based formulas bathe the hair in nourishment with zero chemicals and zero lather. It’s an amazing experience, and one that has been designed to improve hair of every type.

WEN by Chaz uses only the highest quality standards to create his world-famous hair care line. He wants his fans to know that there is a healthy way to manage healthy hair.

Emily McClure planned on using WEN by Chaz in the shower every morning, followed with a blow-dry and her favorite styling tools. In the shower, Emily was impressed with the formula, as it produced awesome volume and softness. Plus, she wasn’t even using the amount of product suggested for her mane, and still, her hair achieved greatness.

Emily snapped selfies to show readers her gorgeous, A-List hair, and even her close girlfriends noticed her sexy hair transformation.

Using a no lather shampoo requires a routine, and for Emily that meant cleansing each morning. If you take the time and effort with WEN, your hair will reap the rewards. Learn more about Wen by visiting their Facebook page and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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Lip Balm Can Make A Mouth Look Perfect

People spend millions of dollars every year to keep up with their teeth, and they want to have a smile that will make them look perfect. A good smile can be ruined with really bad lips, and that is why lip balm is needed. Lip balm like Evolution of Smooth is very easy to use, and it was created specifically to make sure that people who are trying to care for their lips get all the moisture they need to thrive. People who have dry lips just do not feel good most of the time, and they show it on their faces.
Biting and licking lips all the time is a symptom of the dry lips that people are not willing to deal with, but the lip balm is much easier to manage because it goes on even faster than lipstick The lip balm can be used a lot of times to be sure that it covers the lips, and it give instant moisture that prevents people from licking and biting their lips. Everyone who wants to care for their lips daily should just carry it around with them, and they should also think about what their best course of action is when they are dealing with such dry lips. It is uncomfortable to not do anything, and that is why people need to be sure they have their lip balm in hand.

The lip balm that is used will give people a chance to care for their lips without doing anything drastic. It is a very simple item to use, and Evolution of Smooth makes it very easy for people to care for their lips. They can put it on at any time, and it is very portable. They just need to put the lip balm on as quickly as possible. EOS products are available online on both Luckyvitamin.com and Racked.com. Also get it here: http://www.walmart.com/ip/eos-Evolution-of-Smooth-Limited-Edition-Holiday-Lip-Balm-with-DIY-Decorative-Jeweled-Stickers-3-count/46532014.


Meet Chaz the Men Behind Informercials Hair Conditioner by WEN by Chaz

WEN By Chaz (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) conditioners are the best hair care that every gorgeous woman would love her hair to have long strands and brag on the way as she walks to portray wonderful magic just as the conditioner is embed. Informercials are hair care conditioners that work miracles in the hair. It steadily changes from thin strands to profound strong strand that we do see in Magazine that every woman would love to have. Cleaning hair using Informercials will leave your thin hair with stylish shiny, rich dense and moist giving it allure and regain vibrant looks.

Wen Conditioners comes in a full package, ideally, the Informercials bottle contains other products like fully-packed shampoo, conditioner, and stylish treatment. This combination works well for all hair types depending on which application method you use. Try to reach Sephoar.com’s Fig version and you will confirm your suspicion as it will make your hair bouncy, shiny and moist.

WEN Conditioners releases you from the bounded fear that every new product has side effects, but using this Infomercials conditioner your fine thin hair will turn to worthy strands.

Wen Chaz is the man behind WEN by Chaz. He is the owner of famous Chaz Dean Studio that has famous clientele from Hollywood. His interest in photography gave him the desire for hair care and hair cut that later developed into a passion and ventured in hair care.

Be founding Chaz Dean Studio, Chaz worked as a consultant in offering a solution in Hair care that gave him an opportunity in helping profiled companies develop a product line on ebay. He is a stylist with standard skills in hair care and professional skills in the salon. His experience landed him to withdraw huge clientele base from paparazzi and people from the nearby environment.