How Tony Petrello Continues To Drive Nabors Industries To Greatness

Anthony, or Tony, Petrello has been a leader at Nabors Industries for decades. He currently is the company’s Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. Petrello first joined Nabors after working with Nabors when he was the managing partner of the elite law firm Baker & McKenzie. Petrello focused mainly on general corporate law and arbitration during his time in law. Nabors was one of the firm’s clients.

Tony Petrello held multiple leadership positions in the company before earning the prestigious titles he holds today. These positions include Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chairman. Petrello is highly committed to his work with Nabors and the continued growth of the company. In addition to his roles as CEO and President, he also works to provide oversight on strategic planning. His knowledge for business development is very well known in the business work. Serving as a director of strategic planning helps Nabors to better prepare for the future and to continue gaining market share.


If you are unfamiliar with Nabors Industries, it is a global leader in providing oil and gas drilling equipment. In fact, the company has the largest fleet of equipment in the world. Nabors works with every major drilling market in the world. The company also has a foothold in over 20 countries and multiple continents. Nabors has a reputation for being a company that isn’t afraid to innovate in an industry that often shies away from change. This philosophy is at the heart of Tony Petrello’s business philosophy. He is always an advocate for ensuring Nabors is on the cusp of new technology, knowing that technology is the future.

Mr. Petrello also is on Texas Children’s Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Both he and his wife, Cynthia, are very passionate about neurological research focused on children. The couple has donated over $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. The couple also donates their time and energy to rally other donors. Their goal is to have the country’s greatest neurological research center right in their backyard at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Petrello earned two degrees in Mathematics from Yale University before earning his law degree from Harvard Law School. He also serves as a director for both Stewart & Stevenson, another major company in the oil and drilling industry. His vision and drive for greatness have been two major cornerstones that have led to the success Nabors Industries has seen over the past several decades.

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Adam Milstein on the Practice of Giving Back

Adam Milstein is a well-known philanthropist, real estate broker and community leader. Born in Israel, he came to the United States in 1981 where he earned a business degree from University of Southern California. He began his career in Community Real Estate in 1983, when he opened his own business. He is the co-founder of National Chairman of Israeli- American Council and on the board of Israel on Campus. Adam Milstein serves as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate investment firm. He was recently interviewed for Idea mensch.

Milstein recounts that when he was pursuing his MBA at Southern California, he felt the sting of interviewers not appreciating his world view or experience. He says that companies offered him the pay that undergraduates got. Instead of becoming bitter, he struck out on his own and soon found success on his own terms.

A typical day for Milstein doesn’t exist. He explains that every day in the world of business is different with ups and downs and changes. As his assets grew, he became more structured in the organization of his company. He also says that becoming involved in philanthropy gave new meaning to his work.

Adam Milstein credits his tenacity and follow up for his success in business. He says that you can’t let things fall between the cracks. Milstein pushes himself to make ideas come to life and he doesn’t leave tasks to other people; he’d rather do it himself. When asked what the best $100 he has spent recently, he answered dinner with his children and wife. Nothing can compare to that.

If Adam Milstein admits to one mistake, it is trying to make it to the top…fast. He says in the beginning, he wanted to capture everything all at once and achieve his dreams. Success takes time and dedication. Especially in the real estate business, where supply often lags behind the demand side, for years. You must have patience and persistence. He believes these qualities are what set him apart from his competitors. Adam Milstein is a successful businessman who has learned that giving to others is the real key to happiness.

Growth of real estate developer, Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a highly experienced entrepreneur in the real estate sector. He is licensed by the authorities as an agent, developer, and investor. Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Real Estate Company, to help investors and homeowners in the Miami area buy and sell real estate properties. Since starting the company, it has recorded success in all its fronts. Metrik Real Estate Company was started in 2002. The company has taken part in some of the biggest real estate projects in Miami.

Long before starting his company, Samuel Strauch worked in his family-owned real estate company. It is at this time that he grew interests in a career in real estate industry. His time at the family-owned business helped him learn the basics of the industry. He learned how to development and investment in the real estate sector works.

Samuel Strauch studied international business at the Hofstra University, New York. After his studies, Samuel Strauch moved back to Miami, Florida. He also attended other institutions of higher learning including the Harvard University and the Erasmus University.

Samuel Strauch has been in the real estate industry as a professional for 14 years now. In all these years, he has gained a lot experience. He has worked as a real estate agent for Affinity Realty Group. In all of his business transactions, he has maintained the integrity and all transactions are above board. Strauch is ranked among the best real estate agents in the Miami. He has made a name especially when it comes to sales of condos. His company Metrik real estate has been very successful in all the investments he has taken part in. Most of his investments or property he is associated with is found at the coastline of Florida.

Metrik Real Estate as a real estate company provides services such as; equity sourcing, real estate development, real estate management and acquisitions and finally real estate brokerage. His firm has been successful for encouraging teamwork, professionalism and extensive knowledge on the matter of real estate.

Samuel Strauch identified Miami as an investment destination due to the transformation that the area was seen at the time he starting his company. Miami was transforming from a normal town into a beach metropolis. Miami was also witnessing a lot of activity in the development of real estate property at the same time.

Today, Miami is the number one holiday destination in the United States. It attracts many real estate investors who are investing millions of dollars in developing and buying property.

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Adam Milstein’s Accomplishments as a Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is a renowned businessman who has earned a fortune by investing in the real estate sector. He is an Israeli-American and has been appreciated for supporting members of his community who are based in the United States. Milstein was born in Israel and was even part of the IDF troops during the Tom Kippur War in 1973. He relocated with his wife to the U.S in 1981 to seek better economic opportunities. The entrepreneur holds a degree in business and economics from a university in Israel and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Milstein kicked off his career as a real estate professional by being a sales agent and has risen to serve Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. The company has its clients’ base is in Southern California where it has been managing commercial and industrial real estates. It has acquired and developed several underutilized properties. Adam has been handling accounting, planning, and financing operations at Hager Pacific Properties. His accomplishments as an entrepreneur in the sector have made him a role model to his peers.

Besides being an established businessman, Milstein has given back to the community for over two decades. He has been practicing ma’aserrishon, which is a Jewish culture whereby people are needed to donate 10 percent of their revenue to charity. The entrepreneur has co-owned Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife since 2002. His wife also runs a separate charity that is known as SifriyatPijama B’ and has offered Jewish children books that educate them about their culture. She has managed to reach more than 15,000 Israeli-American families.

Most of Milstein’s charity work is dedicated to supporting the Israeli-American community. He was on the frontline in the founding of the Israel-America Council (IAC), which has been essential in strengthening relationships between the two nations. Over 100,000 Israel-American had volunteered to participate in the activities of the organization by 2012. Adam has been appointed to the boards of foundations such as Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, and AIPAC National Council. His family’s charity offers $1 million annually to support the Israeli-American community.