The Branding of Trucept Inc and Brian Bonar Enduring Work Experience

Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) at the forefront of providing staffing services in San Diego announced in early 2013 that it was changing its name to Trucept Inc for strategic reasons.

According to a PRNewswire article published on January 3 2013, the announcement was made by the company CEO Mr. Brian Bonar. The CEO reiterated that the change of the name was overdue because the company had long advanced from delivering high tech security solutions some 5 years earlier.

The solutions offered by Trucept, Inc include everyday staffing and employment services such as human resources support, safety programs, payroll processing, employee benefits preparation and workers compensation insurance.

The strategy is designed to help client companies focus their energy on building capacity by growing capital and increasing productivity using internally derived concepts. The advance was seen as a first step in the company’s long term strategy of relieving HR departments and staffing managers of arduous and often time consuming tasks.

Bonar added that the name Trucept aptly represents the company’s new business strategy of targeting business owners. Since the change along with a new ticker symbol for stock trading was designed to give the company utmost market flexibility.

The Trucept brand also operates the Solving Group, a renowned staffing brand in the states of California and Michigan.

Brian Bonar is a highly successful financial expert and seasoned investor. His skills include marketing strategy, Mergers and Acquisition, sourcing venture capital, business development and process improvement. According to a profile appearing in, Bonar is currently the Chairman, President, CEO of Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation.

The Dalrada Financial Corporation is focused on helping clients organize their resources and increase competence. Before moving to Dalrada, Bonar served at the various companies, including Rastek Financial Corporation, Bezier Systems and QMS. He is also the founder of AMS Outsourcing and Chairman and acting CEO of Amanda Inc, a position he assumed in 2002. Brian took charge at Trucept, Inc in January 2013.

On board memberships, Brian Bonar is presently the Board Chairman of Warning Management Services, Allegiant Professional Business Services and Amanda Corporation among other corporations serving various sectors of the economy.

Bonar was previously the Board Chairman of Solvis Group, Tradeshow Products, Imaging Technologies and Greenland Corporation. According the website Brianbonarsandiego.wikidot, during his 4 year tenure at QMS as Director of Engineering, Bonar managed to successfully steer a team of 100 engineers in developing various software and hardware solutions.

On the communal front, Bonar is a member and supporter of the American Finance Association and Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. Brian Bonar studied at the University of Strathclyde and Stafford University for his respective Bachelors Degree and MBA.