Whitney Wolfe Herd: Dating and Initiative

There is a saying that people have heard over and over again. It is said that good things come to people that wait for it. One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd and other people know is that this is not always true. There are plenty of factors they have to work through for one thing. Also, people who just wait for something to come may not get exactly what they want. This is one of the reasons that people are encouraged to take initiative and go for what they want. People who take charge will have greater control over their lives.Whitney Wolfe Herd has done this very thing by starting a dating app which handles things differently so that women can be empowered.

One thing that Whitney believes in is that women should be allowed to approach and talk to men that they are interested in. Women who wait for the man to approach may not have the man that they truly want. Often times, women have to approach the man they want because there are so many factors that could stop him from approaching that woman. One particular factor is that the man may not have even noticed her. About Bumble app, there is a lot of room for women to actually do some of the work and find someone that they are interested in.

Given that all of the men’s accounts are a little bit handicapped, women do not have to look through all of the emails for lame messages. Instead, Bumble matches women with a certain man. They are then given a limited amount of time to initiate a conversation with the man before he disappears back into the pool. In this changing world, it is important for the woman to gain the courage to move forward and pursue the type of life she wants. Whitney Wolfe Herd has pursued the career that she has wanted as well as the marriage she has wanted. So far, everything is working out for her. She has also added a couple of extensions to her app such as BFF and BIZZ.

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