The Academy of Art University: The Future of Fashion Design

The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University hosted its 21st annual runway show on September 9, 2017. Talented BFA and MFA graduates gathered at Skylight Clarkson Square during New York Fashion Week. The runway show presented five female and two male collections.



The designers came from a wide variety of unique backgrounds and demonstrated impressive craftsmen techniques. The participators used their knowledge they learned from classes, workshops, and internships to make the runway show a great success. The audience at the runway show included the peers of the designers, career mentors, and fashion enthusiasts. Mrs. J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model also attended the runway show.



The Academy of Art University NYFW show featured MFA and BFA design graduates from California. Dina Marie Lam created designs with warmth and comfort. Eden Slezin focused on vintage denim. He used recycled rubber bike tubes from Sports Basements, extra fabrics from Armour Vert, and donated fabric from Cone Denim. Joanna Jadallah was inspired by the culture of her ancestors in Palestine. Her design material included lightweight wool, lambskin leather, and cashmere knits. Carlos Rodriguez combined hand and machine embroidery techniques to give his designs a more unique texture.



The runway show also featured several MFA fashion design graduates from China. Jelly Shan interned at Max Studio and presented a girly and edgy look. Ryan Yu used a contrast of black and white to create futuristic silhouettes. Saya Shen used Kornit Digital to incorporate landscape photographs into her fabric. Hailun Zhou designed outwear pieces of separates and dresses using vinyl and PVC.



The Academy of Art University has been inspiring and teaching artists in San Francisco since 1929. Their easy admission process makes it simple for art students to receive the training they need. Student will receive professional training in a creative environment. Artists are also encouraged to develop their own style and blend personal talent with professional knowledge.



The admissions process at the Academy of Art University is easy, quick, and hassle-free. Prospective students need a high school diploma or GED. Acceptable documentation includes official transcripts from a high school or home school program. The school will also accept a California High School Proficiency Exam letter.



The Academy of Art University offers a Bachelor and Master degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree includes concentrations in Fashion Styling, Textile Design, and Fashion Product Development. The Master of Fine Arts degree provides advanced training in knitwear, design, and merchandising textile.



Privacy and Safety Online

It doesn’t take much these days to get doxxed. For those who are blissfully unaware, someone has been dozed when their personal information is posted online by a troll with nothing better to do. The end result is a complete invasion of safety and privacy.

However, there is a guy out there whose aim is to prevent personal information from ever hurting anyone online again: Darius M. Fisher the president of Status Labs. Status Labs is the premier digital reputation management firm, and Fisher has taken the company global successful by repairing online crisis and digital reputations.

In an interview listed online Fisher sat down with someone who was doxxed and went through the basic checklist for proper digital hygiene to make sure that anyone with a high profile online does not end up doxxed themselves.

First up, you need to make sure that your personal information such as your address and phone number is not already sitting around online waiting to be found or sold by someone. There are a few prominent data brokers that probably have your information even if you are not aware. These include Whitepages, Intelius, PeopleSmart, Pipl, Spokeo, and Zoominfo. You need to opt out of your inclusion in their database, but because they repopulate regularly you need to do so every quarter or so.

Second, you need to make sure all of your social media privacy settings remain private. It is tempting to post publicly for the attention, but Fisher said that you never know who will repost something you think is private. So you have to heavily scrutinize every single thing that you post.

Most people know they should be changing their passwords on a regular basis, but most people don’t bother. Fisher says this is a mistake. You should be changing your social media and key passwords at least four times per year. Additionally, make sure you are using different passwords for each account.

Darius Fisher knows a few things about internet privacy as the co-founder of Status Labs. Status Labs is an internationally known online reputation management firm that also specializes in public relations and digital marketing. The firm has offices in New York, Austin, and Sao Paulo and serves clintes in 35 countries. Status Labs helps to repair reputations or maintain them through creative digital solutions crafted to meet the specific needs of each client.

More information for Status Labs:

UC Davis Learns Maintaining A Good Online Reputation Is Essential

Although the UC Davis University paid $175,000 to repair its reputation after pepper spray was used on a group of peaceful protesters, reports and videos of the incident continue to resurface. Maintaining a good online reputation and image requires a constant effort by businesses and organizations in order for the positive to outweigh any bad reviews, incident reports or damaging information. There should be a constant feed of positive information about an organization to its website, social media page and in the press as it announces events, new initiatives and respond to general queries and comments from the public. Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Lab, considers this part of Internet public relations. Status lab offers a variety of services that include digital marketing, reputation management, content automation, social media monitoring, search engine optimization and crisis response. An article in Dujour described his job as being a fixer, similar to Olivia Pope on the popular television series Scandal. The UC Davis dilemma was used to emphasize the importance of Google Search ranking.

The company hired to suppress the pepper spray incident had attempted to lessen the effect by manipulating search engine results which is much more difficult to do then believed. The pepper spray incident resurfaced when UC Davis tried to raise money by admitting more nonresident students. In Dujour, Darius Fisher ( said the biggest mistake organization make is their like of preparation. The creation and promotion of new content provides fresh, relevant information relating to the individual, company or organization and be recognized by Google’s algorithm because of user engagement, which is a heavy factor. Personal websites, social media profiles, dynamic video content, press releases and relevant industry news earn hits.

Status Labs has more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries and have received honorable mentions in the New York Times and Yahoo News. Darius Fisher was among the Innovation 50 for 2015 which recognizes the top Public Relations and digital communication rising stars. His strategic vision, partnerships with agencies and influencers and recruitment of sales and account management teams helps Status Labs to continue to grow and increase its success.