Supporting The Growth of the Russian Economy by Encouraging Establishment of New Startups

Alexei Beltyukov is a leading entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist hailing from Russia. Since he ventured into the business world, Beltyukov has worked towards making the market unrestricted.

He has established several philanthropic ventures that help ambitious Russian entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into profit-making startups. Apart from being a way of generating wealth, Beltyukov believes that businesses builds discipline and makes a real difference in the society.

Academic qualifications and career

While residing in Russia, Alexei Beltyukov studied medicine. He can comfortably converse in French after studying the language for one year. He enrolled at the French Business School, INSEAD, and earned his MBA.

Immediately after graduating, he secured a job at the McKinsey & Co, a leading consulting firm. His responsibility was to handle transportation, metals and mining process, and oil & gas. Later on, he became an employee of McKinsey Global Institute in charge of overseeing Russian rail reform.

Beltyukov determination and hard work paid off, and he ascended to the post of engagement manager. He elaborated the state of the Russian economy by co-authoring an independent research paper. He also wrote the Russian rail reform and co-founded the Brunswick Rail.

Companies created

Beltyukov launched A-Ventures LTD, a premier firm that focuses on solving challenges that entrepreneurs face. He is the co-founder of Endemic Capital and serves as an angle investor. Alexei Beltyukov is an active supporter of educational course.

Currently, he specializes in overseeing affairs of, a well-performing startup in the specialty of education technology. gives responsive and reliable feedback to professionals in the education sector. Teachers can easily track the students’ work via SOLVY since it is a homework space. The usage of SOLVY is expanding to other parts of the world at a fast rate.

Business model

Beltyukov adopts a unique business model. He creates his firms on a strong foundation of helping other businesses to survive in the ever-competitive corporate sector. He invests in risky but highly profitable areas.

For instance, he bails out companies that are struggling with financial issues with the hope that they will stabilize and repay his money. Beltyukov advocates for entrepreneurship as a strategy for boosting the Russian economy to the highest level.