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You can learn how to host the way professionals do without breaking a sweat. A party blog editor and event planner, Camille Styles shared her rules and tips to live by when someone is hosting a big party or a get-together.


  1. Simple Planning – Planning an event or a party should not be intimidating or stressful. By staying organized and beginning early, you could plan, create, as well as host an unforgettable affair with ease. You should download and print their party planning checklist that is detailed to ensure the process easier, from a month before your party to one hour before the arrival of your guests.


  1. Get Organized – Styles always keep a few lists that she frequently updates through the planning process, which includes a shopping list ensuring that she will not forget any supplies, a master to-do list for highlighting all tasks that should be accomplished, as well as an all-essential list for tracking RSVPs, dietary restrictions, and contact information.


  1. Create a Theme – Milestones such as holidays and birthdays could be more festive when you choose a creative theme to set the tone. You can transform your place to be like a south-of-the-border fiesta by hiring a mariachi band and serving margaritas.


  1. Send Out Invites – You can get this online or make your own.


  1. Offer a Self-Serve Bar – Let the guests be their mixologists, and everyone can have fun creating their concoctions.


  1. Create a Specialty Concoction – It is fun to add one or more specialty cocktails which will leave an impression that’s lasting with your guests.


  1. Keep Appetizers Simple – You should consider serving the guest dinner-by-the-bite using mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres trays.
  2. Keep settings of the table simple


About Twenty Three Layers


Twenty Three Layers is one of the leading design and event planning companies in New York City. They are also corporate event planners, and their energetic and creative minds will exceed even the most brilliant vision for the next event you are planning.


Whether it is a unique as well as a stylish corporate function or even a lovely evening of whimsy plus glamour for a celebration that’s personal, their exquisite attention to detail as well as unrelenting demand for perfection is going to impress you.


Fun and Worry-Free Party Planning

nyone planning an event, whether personal or business related, knows that the road to a successful and enjoyable occasion can be riddled with stress and anxiety.

Lauren Conrad recently graced Redbook Magazine’s July cover and shared with Redbook’s readers her party planning knowledge and experience, offering a few tips for a stress-free party planning experience.

Ever since her days on reality TV, this very talented and social media savvy beauty has branched out into several of her own successful businesses, building a lifestyle empire not unlike Martha Stewart’s. This millennial entrepreneur’s lifestyle realm includes several best-selling books, two clothing collections, and now party and event planning.

Lauren’s main advice regarding party planning is not to worry about achieving perfection as this can result in a fussy and less comfortable atmosphere. In her mind, a successful party has to have a relaxed, easy, and welcoming feel. When planning parties together with her husband, William Tell, she has also learned to compromise on easier and less formal themes.

Lauren essentially believes that party planning has to be fun. She shares this view with Twenty Three Layers, which is a group of New York based event planners and it was founded by Jessica Boskoff.

With more than 10 years of experience in creating events for other successful hospitality and concierge firms, Jessica launched Twenty Three Layers in October 2012. Her company provides full service corporate, as well as private event planning, taking full advantage of its valuable relationships and successful collaborations with exclusive and sought-after vendors around the world.

Twenty Three Layers aims to deliver unique, fun, and worry-free events, and provides its knowledge and creative inspiration to corporate and private clients, creating memorable occasions that reflect the latest popular trends in food, décor, and entertainment.

Event planning requires know-how and skill, but at the end of the day, both for Twenty Three Layers as for Lauren Conrad, it boils down to delivering an elegant yet stress-free experience for everyone.

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