What Thor Halvorssen Thinks of Socialism

People of rivaling political viewpoints generally want what is best for the nation. They have chosen their particular point of view, because they believe that it will result in prosperity for the United States. However, they believe that other points of view will result in disaster. Rivaling political systems all have their benefits, because they are based on the principle that the nation is to prosper. They all have their weaknesses as well, and some are significantly weaker than others. Mr. Thor Halvorssen believes that socialism is a detrimentally weaker economic system than capitalism.


Halvorssen prefers a free market economy because there is no limit to the amount of money that can pour into the economy. The rich will continue to accrue wealth, but so will everybody else. The middle class will ascend and the lower class will ascend. That is why the poor of the United States are better off than the poor of the people throughout the rest of the world. In contrast, there is a finite about of money in a socialistic model of the economy. That is why Bernie Sanders is so fond of spreading everything out evenly. He thinks that money is finite, and everybody deserves their share. But if it is infinite, their share will continually expand.


The reason that many millennials are overcome by the philosophy of socialism is that they do not know anything about the history of socialism. They might be able to point to a few contemporary nations. But if you want to know how socialism will work in the United States, you need to only ask how it has worked in previously nations. Upon conducting such an investigation, you will quickly learn that socialism has yielded a lot more bad fruit than good fruit.
Halvorssen is very balanced in his assessment. He freely acknowledges that there are prosperous countries with socialist economic policies. But, he thinks that these polices are not optimal and one should prefer free market trade.

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