About Greg Secker

A master trader and successful entrepreneur, Greg Secker is the founder of the Action Knowledge Group. Established in 2003, Greg’s Action Knowledge Group is made up of numerous agencies that present modern trading technology and software.Born in the UK, Secker is an alumnus to the Nottingham Food and Agricultural Science University. After his education, Secker would commence his career as a professional technologist trader at the Thomas Cook Financial Services where he served as the foreign exchange trade systems developer.

He went on to the Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. At the agency, he acquired vast industry knowledge. From here, he moved on to individual Forex trading and assumed a full-time trader position. With his vast experience, Secker has been fundamental in mentoring small companies around the world. Secker is also the developer of the Greg Secker Foundation, a charitable organization that offers targeted youth programs meant to teach leadership skills and enhances educational opportunities.

According to the renowned businessman, trading is the active lifestyle based on investments and trade choices arrived upon after studying the current global financial markets trends. Secker says that anyone can become successful as long as they manage their working hours effectively. He also argues that the success road is not without its challenges, so it’s better to know what you want. Greg says that business, just like any other activity needs prior knowledge and understanding of the involved methodology. He says that any new trader has to be conversant with the Forex markets, used terminology and also have an understanding of the Forex trading process.

Greg Secker also recommends for new traders to find mentors. Most of the industry leaders first began through being led by people who had already succeeded in Forex Trading. He says that at least, someone has to start from the bottom and work the way up and by emulating successful trading styles and methodology, new traders can build up experience and become successful in the art of Forex trading. Secker also gives counsel to new comers to stick to one trading strategy. Switching up trading strategies might increase short term outcomes, but constantly changing the trading strategy is not an efficient method for accruing good profit. Secker also says that good focus is the important element to victory; hence, it is always better to stick to one long term trading strategy.