IAP Worldwide a leader in provision of broad spectrum of services

IAP Worldwide is a leading company in the provision of global-scale logistics, advanced professional and technical services as well as managing various facilities. The company operates in over 25 countries across the globe and has over 2000 employees. The company offers a broad spectrum of services internationally and has been in service for more than 60 years. Some of the clients served by IAP Worldwide include U S, various organizations, and international government agencies.

The company leverages and integrates its capabilities to provide reliable solutions, innovative and a secure environment to meet their client’s diverse and complex challenges. IAP Worldwide has built a good reputation ever since it was founded and the team has been building a future.

IAP began its services by building and operating the first space launch complex base in America in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The next 45 years IAP started offering full facilities maintenance support including engineering services, construction management and also Airport master planning.

Later on, the IAP provided support to troops worldwide during the Operation Desert Storm, and they continued to win international contracts through the US government. Their services included logistics, procurement all together with temporary and power generations, transportation services and also emergency disaster relief. The company continued to thrive and also earned US government’s trust. Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2016/06/29/cape-canaveral-tech-firm-lands-15-6m-contract.html

IAP Worldwide continued to expand its market by providing various solutions by responding quickly during the times of disasters and also provides life-sustaining supplies on executivebiz.com. The company also has a humanitarian aid project that helps improve the lifestyle of countless people across the globe.

IAP professionals operate under a set of core values that enables and guides the team on iapws.com to work tirelessly until they provide the results expected by the clients. The values charter states that the group will act with integrity and humility will also practice intellectual curiosity and rigor, pursue growth and learning, and provide inspirational leadership among other values.

IAP Worldwide is fully committed and dedicated to offering satisfying results to their partners, clients, and associates. With flexibility, expertise, and creativity the team gives solutions to critical and crucial challenges encountered by the customers. Emergency response is the company’s forte, providing more than a call of duty to achieve seemingly impossible feats.

The company operates under Douglas Kitani who sits as the chief executive officer and works hand in hand with Terry DeRosa who is the executive vice president among others officials’ members.

The World Loves IAP Worldwide

With IAP Worldwide in existence, there are many ways that things can get done for communities that experience unforeseen problems. In many cases, these problems seem insurmountable, but not for IAP Worldwide. IAP is known for solving the impossible situations because of their ingenuity and dedication. They can find solutions that others cannot. While they continue to help all over the world, they look into new and innovative ways to increase productivity and therefore assist in many ways.

Is IAP New?

No, it is has been in existence for over 60 years. All during those 60 years, they took on incredible tasks with a variety of companies that they solved problems for in unique ways. All of this took place so that they could become the company they are today. It is a company that is known for its knowledge and ability to utilize everything that they have at their fingertips and create numerous solutions to problems that others couldn’t begin to complete. Their endeavors are numerous and painstaking, but successful.

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Who Is In Charge At IAP?

Douglas Kitani is the CEO and the Director of the IAP Worldwide company. Under his leadership are 2,000 professionals that make up the workforce at this incredible entity. They are all practiced and experienced in their field, and they go to great lengths to help the communities that are hard hit throughout the world. With their expertise, IAP Worldwide are able to come up with ways that not only assist in technology, but also with healthcare that is extremely advanced. It is always an important undertaking that these people perform, and they do so to the highest level and are well known for their integrity in the field.

Looks Like An Incredible Future For IAP Worldwide

As the company continues to add successes, it will go into the future being known for its unique abilities. They will be sought after to solve the extraordinary events that happen all over the earth. Since they are able to do so, they will be called upon on a continuous basis propelling them to even greater successes.

The world needed a company like IAP Worldwide, and it is here for the long haul. It is a company that is dedicated to assisting in any way that they are called upon. With their latest techniques and knowledge, they will be able to help even more communities across the globe with what is needed to be completed.

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IAP Officially announces its latest Business Acquisitions

The world moves at a faster pace now than ever before. That means that things have to get from one place to another quickly. From the world of commerce to needs for emergency supplies during a disaster, there is not a moment to waste when supplies, products or other goods need to travel great distances. It takes a company that is equipped to provide worldwide logistics and other services to take care of these kinds of important tasks. IAP Worldwide is known as a leader around the world when it comes to logistics, technical services and professional facilities management.

The official IAP company website explains what people can expect from the kind of market-leading company that provides these types of services, IAP employs a lot of people. As a matter of fact, the company has more than 2,000 employees located in several countries all around the globe. They are dedicated to helping their customers to find solutions to even the most complex of problems. It doesn’t matter if the issue at hand is one of war or possibly a natural disaster, IAP Worldwide helps to take care of every logistic need imaginable, while helping their clients to find and implement solutions to even the most complicated technological issues.

It takes time to become a worldwide force. IAP has more than proven itself over more than 60 years in business. The company defines its success by the level of excellent customer service that they provide to each and every customer.

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Breaking News from IAP

According to an official IAP press release, the company officially announced that the corporation has acquired the Aviation and Logistics business line and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business. The former is known for aircraft repair, logistics and other professional solutions, while the latter is focused on IT solutions, engineering and providing communications services. These acquisitions will allow IAP to expand the customer base that they serve. Both new business lines are being included in a new business unit, called Aviation & Engineering Solutions. With these new resources available to IAP, the company will likely double the size of the market place that they currently serve.

What’s Next for IAP?

IAP has already established itself as being the top provider for a wide range of solutions for their customers. With the announcement of the new acquisitions and business unit, it is anticipated that the company will continue to grow, while providing the type of excellent customer service that they have been known for over the years.

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