How Fabletics Is Succeeding As A Brand In The Presence Of Amazon

It is hard as a fashion company to succeed in the online market when companies like Amazon are capturing over 20% of the total online market. Amazon offers clothing at a cheaper price and customers like that they can order it along with ordering toothpaste, a book, a winter hat for their child, and a new batteries. 2 day shipping offered by Amazon and the realm of products offered makes them a convenient go to. A company like Fabletics has their work cut out for them when competing with a company like Amazon, but they seem to be handling the job extremely well.


What Fabletics does is focuses on service. With all of the competition online it is important to make the customer experience as valuable to them as possible, to keep their business. Fabletics offers a streamlined and affordable membership service online for the active lifestyle millennial woman and man. They know the active lifestyle woman fits a lot into her busy schedule, so they streamline the shopping experience for her. A style quiz at the beginning of VIP membership lets the stylists know what she likes and what kind of workouts she does. Each month, the member receives a hand selected group of clothes that are chosen just for her. For $50 per month she can buy an entire outfit. Not bad, considering the similar competition on the market selling one leg of pants for the same price. Offerings include sports bras, running shorts, cropped yoga pants, full length yoga pants, running tops, sport bra tops, and zip up jackets. Many of the pieces work together season to season so the fitness wardrobe can be built upon and added to.


The Fabletics members get to have this experience every month, and because of this they have a loyal customer base. The recent openings of several brick and mortar stores ended up being an extension of the customer service experience for their clients. This gave them the opportunity to shop in person in addition to their online membership. There are also new athleisure pieces available in the store that are not available online, like jackets, dresses, and pieces they can add into their athletic wardrobe to expand it and make it more versatile.


The storefronts also attract new customers who may have heard of Fabletics through their branding and marketing. When the new customer walks into the store they are not simply entering a retail storefront they have never heard of, and even if they have not, they will soon become aware of the membership benefits and how the program works. By offering walk ins a taste of what the brand offers at their fabulous prices they are more compelled to become interested in the membership where they can have exclusive access to a wider breadth of merchandise stylized just for them every month. Fabletics signs up new customers directly from their store making membership an easy and integrative experience that just becomes a part of their storefront operation.