FreedomPop Is Bringing Real Innovation to the Mobile World

It’s easy to forget just how quickly technology can change culture. A recent review of the FreedomPop phone service really brings it into perspective though. At first glance FreedomPop might seem like one choice among many for someone looking for a new phone service provider. The author of the article brings something into the forefront. He’s goes on a bit about the fact that there was a time when people really didn’t think that the internet was something that people should pay for. It was a time when the internet itself was a bit like the wild west. It was untamed and full of unexpected surprises. Over time that view changed as a culture grew up around it. Today the internet is more like electricity. It’s something that most people need. At the same time though, it’s something people just expect to pay for.


The FreedomPop review delves into a company which has a differing opinion. The company, FreedomPop, does offer free internet service. Anyone can sign up and get 500MB of mobile data for free. And that’s not a one time offer either. That 500MB of data rotates, so that it’s refilled every month. Along with that one will have 200 minutes of talk time on a compatible phone. The article also makes an interesting point about how the system’s data connections relate to the world.


Most phone companies are fairly old at this point. They usually rose up well before the internet came about, or at least the modern web as people know it today. Any interfacing those companies do with the internet came about as an afterthought. Those are additions added to their preexisting infrastructure. This is very different from FreedomPop, which is a fairly recent addition to the market. FreedomPop was started in 2011, long after the modern web was a reality in most people’s lives. As such they’ve been able to create a new infrastructure which takes full advantage of the modern internet. For example, texting over a voice connection is a bit counter intuitive. It’s something that only came about due to the fact that other phone companies were built on a platform where voice was the only option for a long time.


FreedomPop is able to make a more logical and efficient connection to send texts over a mobile data connection. The modern internet integration goes even further. For just $5, a free FreedomPop plan can be upgraded to take advantage of millions of WiFi spots all over the planet. One will then have full use of them, and in effect gain almost unlimited internet usage when near them. This is just one of the ways that FreedomPop is bringing the spirit of the old internet into the reality of today’s world.

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FreedomPop Wants To Make Sure That Everyone Can Get More Phone Calling Done

FreedomPop was the original free phone company that started out free calling, and now they are trying to give people more for less money. They not have the cheapest all inclusive plan in the industry, and they are going to come at other companies with a $20 plan for unlimited text, phone and data. They are going to keep coming up with new ideas, and they are still trying to expand their networks with new funding.

FreedomPop is one of those places where people get a lot more for what they pay, and there is still a free plan that people can use if they need to save money. Paying only $20 for a phone that anyone can use as much as they want is very helpful. The phone will reduce data speeds once it has gone over a limit, but it is all still held under the $20 plan. The $20 plan makes it much easier for people to get what they need, and they do not have to worry about data again. Learn more:

There are a lot of people who are going to be able to use these phones to avoid data problems, or they can go with the free plan that is at FreedomPop. FreedomPop really has broken the barrier on what is affordable, and now they have made it possible for people to feel like they have gotten the right things for their money. No one is going to be overpaying, and no one is going to feel like they do not have phone choices. FreedomPop lets people pick from a few different phones, and then they will be able to pay less for their service because it is only $20. Anyone can come over to FreedomPop when they are looking for something that is less expensive.

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FreedomPop Now Partnered With WhatsApp

Everyone who needs a cheaper cell phone should have an option that works for them, and the only way to find that option is to go with something that offers the best price. FreedomPop already has the least expensive service in the world, and now they are looking for a way to help their uses save even more money. Saving all that money is easy with a new partnership from WhatsApp, and now WhatsApp will be completely free to all FreedomPop users.

FreedomPop users are all on a data cap that has them pay more the more they use. That is how the plans stay cheap, but now the company wants to make sure that everyone can talk and text as much as they want with help from WhatsApp. Someone who signs up for WhatsApp on a FreedomPop phone will use Whatsapp for no charge. They will not have to check how much data they used, and they will not have to worry about how many minutes they have. There is a special number from WhatsApp that the users will give to their friends, and then they can talk and text using the app. The app holds onto all their contact information, and then they will be able to go into the app any time they need to.

The users at FreedomPop can save their data for the future with help from WhatsApp, and that helps them use their other apps more. Someone who does not have the resources to get a nicer phone and a major plan should try FreedomPop because they can get the MotoE and a nice plan that is not very expensive. Everyone who wants to save money needs to go with the FreedomPop plan now that it has free WhatsApp usage included in the deal.

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FreedomPop Takes A Big Step In Their Free Mobile Service

FreedomPop, a widely known U.S. mobile service company, has announced their next bold move to integrate people into their basic phone plans that offers free text, talk, and data. According to an article publish in Venturebeat FreedomPop is now offering completely free usage of the popular messaging app WhatsApp regardless of how much data or texting they have left on their plan. Unfortunately, this new program is only being launched in Spain for the time being, however their other plans are available in England and around the United States. WhatsApp currently has over a billion users and its owned by the popular social platform Facebook.

Facebook and WhatsApp went under fire a few years ago when the fight for net neutrality was heard around the world, and because WhatsApp is owned by Facebook who was being accused of supporting those with access to a “superior” service WhatsApp has been banned in certain markets. However, the population of Spain reports that nearly 70% of their mobile users consistently use WhatsApp as their main messaging system which is why FreedomPop has decided to offer their users free access. FreedomPop also took a separate route from other mobile networks who have attempted to partner with WhatsApp. As it stands FreedomPop has not partnered with the Facebook owned app and instead has taken their own independent route by offering a model that isn’t being propelled by Facebook. The mobile network giant is not ruling out the possibility of offering this type of service to other countries but because of Spain’s high usage pf WhatsApp FreedomPop’s initial launch will help gain more traction in Europe.

Originating in Los Angeles FreedomPop launched in 2011 with an idea in mind that everyone should be able to communicate with other people despite income. Their base plan which costs absolutely nothing offers 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB of data each month. Users can add additional minutes, texts, or data for as low as a penny a month and FreedomPop allows any type of phone from a previous service, but they also offered refurbished smartphones at a lower price.

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