How Tony Petrello Continues To Drive Nabors Industries To Greatness

Anthony, or Tony, Petrello has been a leader at Nabors Industries for decades. He currently is the company’s Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. Petrello first joined Nabors after working with Nabors when he was the managing partner of the elite law firm Baker & McKenzie. Petrello focused mainly on general corporate law and arbitration during his time in law. Nabors was one of the firm’s clients.

Tony Petrello held multiple leadership positions in the company before earning the prestigious titles he holds today. These positions include Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chairman. Petrello is highly committed to his work with Nabors and the continued growth of the company. In addition to his roles as CEO and President, he also works to provide oversight on strategic planning. His knowledge for business development is very well known in the business work. Serving as a director of strategic planning helps Nabors to better prepare for the future and to continue gaining market share.


If you are unfamiliar with Nabors Industries, it is a global leader in providing oil and gas drilling equipment. In fact, the company has the largest fleet of equipment in the world. Nabors works with every major drilling market in the world. The company also has a foothold in over 20 countries and multiple continents. Nabors has a reputation for being a company that isn’t afraid to innovate in an industry that often shies away from change. This philosophy is at the heart of Tony Petrello’s business philosophy. He is always an advocate for ensuring Nabors is on the cusp of new technology, knowing that technology is the future.

Mr. Petrello also is on Texas Children’s Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Both he and his wife, Cynthia, are very passionate about neurological research focused on children. The couple has donated over $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. The couple also donates their time and energy to rally other donors. Their goal is to have the country’s greatest neurological research center right in their backyard at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Petrello earned two degrees in Mathematics from Yale University before earning his law degree from Harvard Law School. He also serves as a director for both Stewart & Stevenson, another major company in the oil and drilling industry. His vision and drive for greatness have been two major cornerstones that have led to the success Nabors Industries has seen over the past several decades.

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