Hussain Sajwani, the Dubai Entrepreneur Remaking the Emirates Sky

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati billionaire born in the early 1950s. He is the founder and the CEO of the property development company DAMAC Properties. He is a top billionaire and one of the richest Arabs.


Hussain Sajwani had a good start in life and a good example. His father was an entrepreneurial man running his own shop in which he sold imported Chinese goods. Because of his father’s business, Hussain Sajwani had the opportunity to get a government scholarship in the United States where he earned his bachelor’s degree from the Univerity of Washington in Industrial Engineering and Economics.


Sajwani’s career began in 1981 with the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. In 1983, he started a catering venture called Global Logistic Services with big clients, including the U.S. military. In 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, one of the largest real estate companies in the Arabic countries. The DAMAC owner, Sajwani, saw non-Emiratis as main customers and used the chance to sell apartments to them. The first building he constructed was a 38-story apartment complex. In less than six months before construction, he sold all the units of the future building. Since then, his business has skyrocketed and shaped the Dubai skyline as a jewel of the Middle East.


In 2013, Hussain Sajwani started working with Donald Trump. In collaboration, they developed the two Trump golf Courses in Dubai. The Internation Golf Course opened up in 2017 as well as the Trump World Golf Course, designed by Tiger Woods. The Sajwani family are good family friends to the Trumps and have been guests at the Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate.


The DAMAC Properties company has created numerous living and commercial projects throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. DAMAC has built two developments in Dubai with 100 million square feet property in between them. DAMAC Hills is its biggest project located in Dubailand. It is a 42-million-square feet complex of mansions, villas, homes, and apartments. DAMAC also has five hospitality properties with two more to open up in the near future.


Among the many philanthropy initiatives, Hussain Sajwani has provided support to children who lack clothing. He gave two million dollars to the AED, which is enough money to clothe 50,000 children.


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Growth of real estate developer, Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a highly experienced entrepreneur in the real estate sector. He is licensed by the authorities as an agent, developer, and investor. Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Real Estate Company, to help investors and homeowners in the Miami area buy and sell real estate properties. Since starting the company, it has recorded success in all its fronts. Metrik Real Estate Company was started in 2002. The company has taken part in some of the biggest real estate projects in Miami.

Long before starting his company, Samuel Strauch worked in his family-owned real estate company. It is at this time that he grew interests in a career in real estate industry. His time at the family-owned business helped him learn the basics of the industry. He learned how to development and investment in the real estate sector works.

Samuel Strauch studied international business at the Hofstra University, New York. After his studies, Samuel Strauch moved back to Miami, Florida. He also attended other institutions of higher learning including the Harvard University and the Erasmus University.

Samuel Strauch has been in the real estate industry as a professional for 14 years now. In all these years, he has gained a lot experience. He has worked as a real estate agent for Affinity Realty Group. In all of his business transactions, he has maintained the integrity and all transactions are above board. Strauch is ranked among the best real estate agents in the Miami. He has made a name especially when it comes to sales of condos. His company Metrik real estate has been very successful in all the investments he has taken part in. Most of his investments or property he is associated with is found at the coastline of Florida.

Metrik Real Estate as a real estate company provides services such as; equity sourcing, real estate development, real estate management and acquisitions and finally real estate brokerage. His firm has been successful for encouraging teamwork, professionalism and extensive knowledge on the matter of real estate.

Samuel Strauch identified Miami as an investment destination due to the transformation that the area was seen at the time he starting his company. Miami was transforming from a normal town into a beach metropolis. Miami was also witnessing a lot of activity in the development of real estate property at the same time.

Today, Miami is the number one holiday destination in the United States. It attracts many real estate investors who are investing millions of dollars in developing and buying property.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Continuously Gets the Best Vote

Nationwide Title Clearing has won various awards in the time that they have been in business. They have worked to make sure that these awards keep coming and it has allowed them the chance to grow the business that they have. They have won awards from their clients, as well as from their employees.

The employees of Nationwide Title Clearing voted it as the best place to work in Palm Harbor, Florida. They wanted everyone to know that they have a great place to work and this has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing the most when it comes to the business that they are a part of. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that the company knows they are doing well with the different things that they have to offer all of their employees.

Even the clients are happy with what Nationwide Title Clearing has done. They want other people to know that they are doing well and that the company has been one of the best that they have been a part of. This has allowed them the chance to make sure that things are better and has given the company a chance to improve themselves while their customer base just seems to keep getting larger. It has given them a chance to show off the skills that they have when it comes to document processing and mortgage research.

The company has not only won the awards once or twice like some of the other companies that are mentioned in awards, but they have continuously won the award. This has made it a better company and has given everyone the chance to ensure that things are getting better for the company. Nationwide Title Clearing has made sure that they are always working toward more awards and happier customers in the business that they are in. They also work to make sure that their employees are just as happy. This has allowed them to continue to win awards and has given them the chance to show off what they are truly capable of.

Nationwide Title Clearing Services wants to get better for all of their clients. They know that the only way to do that is to keep getting better and growing as a business. Whether this growth means that they physically expand their business, offer more services for their clients or get even more awards from what they have done, they will be able to do it. This will give Nationwide Title Clearing the chance to make their business better so that they will be able to help even more people with the services that they have to offer.

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