Kim Dao & Her Boyfriend Answer Questions about their Long Distance Relationship

Kim Dao reveals to her audience what it is like to be in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend in this video. While Kim Dao lives in Japan, her boyfriend Eric lives miles away in Australia. Kim Dao and her boyfriend, who is present in the video since he and Kim were on holiday in Singapore at the time of recording, take turns answering questions from subscribers concerning how they make their long distance romance work for them. The questions are light hearted, and their answers match the tone of each question. For instance, one person asked “Where will you take your next holiday together?” Kim Dao replied I want to go to London to which Eric jokingly followed up with by saying, “Ok, we’ll go there and she’ll fund that trip.” There were even more funny moments when someone asked Kim Dao what she likes about her boyfriend. After an exaggerated pause, the cricket sound effects came on, and her boyfriend said “Don’t pause too long.” The moment turns tender when she reveals that he is a good person and that she feels as if she can trust him. They are seated in a cozy hotel bed together, adding to the closeness of the moment as they reveal more about their relationship throughout the video.

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Helane Morrison: Glass Ceiling Breaker!

When Wall Street crooks did there misdeeds that lead to the economic free fall and subsequent deep recession in 2007, I was as mortified and angry as everyone else. Why aren’t these robber baron jerks being thrown in prison, I reasoned!? It was so great to see one woman in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stand up and enforce the law, as Helane Morrison entered the scene and restored proper business ethics. She was instrumental in the investigations and prosecution of the bad guys, like Bernie Madoff, who ‘made off’ with so much of the life savings of so many hard working fellow Americans.

Based in her San Francisco office of the SEC that serves 5 Northwestern states and all of Northern California, Morrison wasted no time in launching multiple intensive and direct investigations that surprised the corrupt business men’s status quo. Few of these ne’er-do-wells probably thought they would ever have to face justice. She taught the rats to fear the power of the right side of the law, in my opinion! And she did it while being berated and threatened by all the attendants of the power elite, corrupt, and arrogant jaded thieves.

But, Helane Morrison restored much of the lost faith in the American business system, as well as the Justice system. I am so impressed!

Helane Morrison has more than paid her dues. She began her professional legal career as a law clerk for Associate Justice Harry Blackmun, of the Supreme Court. She also clerked for Richard A. Posner, a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge. Then she spent 10 years perfecting her knowledge and investigative skills working at the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, before being appointed to the SEC. Helane┬áleft the SEC after the dust settled in 2007, and is now Hall Capital Partners LLC’s General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director.