Cotemar’s Sustainability Strategies

Cotemar is a renowned oil company which resides at Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. It has been in operation for almost four decades.


For steady operations in the sea, Cotemar has stationary ships that provide offshore maintenance services. They have sophisticated diving equipment for the inspection of undersea process lines.


The company has several cargo ships with sections for construction materials and refrigerated compartments for provisions and food supplies. The fleet also has vessels for transporting petroleum from oil fields.


Cotemar carries out modernized engineering and maintenance using mobile sub-submersible rigs. They have great derrick cranes and ample storage areas for the assembly of prefabricated equipment.


Cotemar’s working conditions are some of the best in the world. They provide excellent accommodation and catering services to their employees. They provide them with food, laundry and general cleaning services.


The accommodation cabins host two or four people. Workers enjoy other amenities like cinema halls, TV rooms, gyms and basketball courts.




Cotemar manages to stay sustainable due to its commitment to the welfare of the people, environmental care, community development, and robust corporate governance. The company has a stable Corporate Social Responsibility Program that incorporates and documents all their activities.


This program helps Cotemar to accomplish innovative projects helping the company to achieve its mission, vision, and objectives.


Cotemar is a socially responsible company which upholds the welfare of its employees. They create jobs that help the workers to realize and develop their full potential. They also encourage the integral development of their team and their families through an equity program, industrial safety, education, health, sport, and various activities that promote family integration and a sense of belonging.


The management at Cotemar understands that the company cannot succeed without the input of the community. They create jobs, and through institutions and social programs, they promote culture, health, education and sports.


Cotemar regards environmental issues highly. They work within guidelines and regulations that safeguard the sustainability of the environment. The company raises awareness about the conservation of the environment through pro-ecological activities that cause minimal damage.


Cotemar has high professional practice strategies, and they trade ethically. Their policies support transparency and the upholding of the values of the company.