Diversant: Trendsetters in the Game

I’m always on the lookout for companies that like to think outside the box, do things a little bit differently, and have big and bold ideas. They aren’t afraid to take a chance and in fact, they have a group of individuals on their leadership and advisory board that are ready and willing to help out when the situation calls for it. They are a real team and everyone helps each other out. You have to think of Diversant as a great football team. Everyone plays their part in making them successful. They are filled with bright ideas and bright people. When it comes to IT staffing, they love to help out as much as possible and get them ready for what is around the corner.

They see things that other people might miss. Not everything is based on a resume. When you interview someone, sometimes you get a good feel for what they are about, what they care about, and what their life is like and where they have been and where they are going. They might not look like a good fit on paper, but they have that “it factor” and quite frankly, it is hard to ignore that. When it is there, it is there. One person that can see it is John Goullet. He has always been unconventional and I mean that in the best sense of the word. To me, unconventional and different are good things. I find people that do things the same way rather boring and uninteresting.

I like people that tend to be a little bit different than the rest and they stand out because they have radical and fun ideas. That is John Goullet. That is how he founded a company that provided solutions for Fortune 500 companies. That is how he got to working at Diversant and being on their leadership and advisory board. He believes there are wonderful and exciting things happening each and every day. We just have to look for them and we will find them, as they are usually staring us straight in the face but we miss them.

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