Doctor Shows Weight Loss Results With Nutrimost in San Antonio

Like most people on facebook, Dr. Rob Vasquez had an experience of the dieting roller coaster. He would follow a diet, lose weight, and then quickly pile it back on. Being a doctor did not give him any advantage, it seems.  He followed the instructions given him to customize a meal plan with Nutrimost’s help. In 40 days he successfully lost 30 lbs. Now he has taken on the job of bringing Nutrimost to San Antonio to transform the lives of many Texans who could well benefit from this wonderful assisted diet program’s lightweight results.
Of course the real proof that Nutrimost works is that Dr. Vasquez has been a member for over a year now, and he has not only lost a total of 60 lbs., he has also not been riding the weight loss then weight gain, up and down roller coaster. He explained that Nutrimost is based on scientific medical research that has discovered all the bio factors that differentiate people and the diet methods that work for each individual. That is why every diet program planned by Nutrimost is based on a detailed sophisticated software analysis system to determines exactly what each person needs in their individualized program to not only lose weight, but keep it off forever.

He is a top North Texas Chiropractor who has also managed his own wellness center for over 17 years. He values patient education highly. He and his staff members work hard to bring the best health and wellness achievable to family members of every description. He was interviewed on San Antonio’s News 4 Living.

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  1. Dr. Rob Vasquez is a licensed Chiropractic medical doctor who received his medical degree from Parker College of Chiropractic. He finally found long-term last success when he tried the Nutrimost system. This is also going to make sense for to be able to grasp the full meaning of what is going on for a long time which may not also be so easy.

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