Doe Deere and Galore Magazine

Doe Deere is an inventor who has used her intelligence as well as her creativity to create a makeup empire that offers a product that has never been used before. Doe Deere is the proud founder of Lime Crime which was created to offer the customers of Doe Deere a vegan friendly product that is not associated with any animal violence whatsoever. Doe Deere is a businesswoman who is for her customers and has even acquired many loyal customers over the years who even refer to themselves as unicorns. Doe Deere and her company stand out within the makeup industry as Doe Deere has created several products that not only makes every face look beautiful on the outside, but also brings out a positive attitude on the inside.

Lime Crime is a company that was officially founded in 2008 as a side business to an online clothing business. Doe Deere had a clothing business where she created clothing of her own designs out of bright colors as well as colorful designs. The makeup was created as a side business in order to have a makeup that would not wash out against the bright colors that she used. The brand name of lime crime originates from Doe Deere’s desire to have a name that would stand out to the customers of the makeup industry. The color lime was specifically chosen as this is the favorite color of Doe Deere to use on the lips, cheeks, as well as eyes of her customers.

Galore magazine recently wrote a story on Doe Deere and discussed Doe Deere’s passions as well as future aspirations for her company. Doe Deere, during this interview, talked about her businesses as well as her ten year plan for her innovations. Doe Deere has had the rare luck of having known exactly what she has wanted to do even at a young age in life when she wore the brightest clothes and used the brightest makeup. Though Doe Deere was no where near the professional she is today, Doe Deere remembers that being the pinnacle moment that she found her passion for makeup.

During this interview, Galore magazine also inquired as to her business decision to become an internet-based makeup brand. Doe Deere responded by stating that the decision to remain an internet-based makeup brand is due to the fact that Doe Deere wants to feel close to her customers in regards to all of the decisions that she makes. This business decision has not only kept Doe Deere humble, but this has also helped improve the products that she makes continuously over the years.

Doe Deere, as the owner of Lime Crime, has many plans for the future of her company. With countless loyal customers of her company that even have named themselves unicorns, Doe Deere often feels as though she cheated with her career as she is having too much fun in the process of working. Doe Deere hopes that she can continue to inspire others with similar aspirations to do the same and to build an empire from their passions.

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