Focus on TDL Global Ventures President, Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar ventured into the real estate industry back in 1995. Todd learnt within a short time that his marvel for each facet in business and desire to assist others would make finance and real estate his life career. His first experience in business was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator where he appreciated the Mortgage banking conservative model. This experience has proved to be invaluable in his career. Todd spent most of his time growing relationships with CPA’s, insurance agents, real estate agents and financial planners who comprise a great referral business source.

Legacy Financial Group Experience

Todd took another important step in 1999 when he acquired an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. He got the opportunity to grow his capabilities in lending as he brokered a number of loans to external investors and as an express Mortgage bank. He took his focus on real estate to another level by opening Legendary Properties LLC (residential development company) in 2002. This establishment allowed him to facilitate rapid progression in buying, rehabilitating, selling and getting profits on over 200 transactions from single and multi-family properties. He forged relationships with experienced persons in the building sector who could produce quality products in a timely manner. He established great relationships with key banking institutions thereby establishing high credit lines of around 20 million dollars.

Charter Funding

In 2003, in continuing with the Mortgage Banking Industry, Todd established Charter Funding. It was a subsidiary of one of the largest private mortgage companies, First Magnus Financial Corporation. He was able to expand the business due to a great access to various programs and products. He observed the market for 12 years and assessed undeserved clients as his niche.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar went to Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC from 1977-1987. He then joined Syracuse University and received a B.A. in Speech Communication in 1995. His main focus was mortgage banking but had investments in the recycling, night club, demolition and real estate development industries. His vast experience in a number of businesses has helped him learn all that is required for a business to excel in different environments. Presently, Todd is focusing on helping needy people and is the TDL Ventures president. For more info, visit

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