FreedomPop Now Partnered With WhatsApp

Everyone who needs a cheaper cell phone should have an option that works for them, and the only way to find that option is to go with something that offers the best price. FreedomPop already has the least expensive service in the world, and now they are looking for a way to help their uses save even more money. Saving all that money is easy with a new partnership from WhatsApp, and now WhatsApp will be completely free to all FreedomPop users.

FreedomPop users are all on a data cap that has them pay more the more they use. That is how the plans stay cheap, but now the company wants to make sure that everyone can talk and text as much as they want with help from WhatsApp. Someone who signs up for WhatsApp on a FreedomPop phone will use Whatsapp for no charge. They will not have to check how much data they used, and they will not have to worry about how many minutes they have. There is a special number from WhatsApp that the users will give to their friends, and then they can talk and text using the app. The app holds onto all their contact information, and then they will be able to go into the app any time they need to.

The users at FreedomPop can save their data for the future with help from WhatsApp, and that helps them use their other apps more. Someone who does not have the resources to get a nicer phone and a major plan should try FreedomPop because they can get the MotoE and a nice plan that is not very expensive. Everyone who wants to save money needs to go with the FreedomPop plan now that it has free WhatsApp usage included in the deal.

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