FreedomPop Takes A Big Step In Their Free Mobile Service

FreedomPop, a widely known U.S. mobile service company, has announced their next bold move to integrate people into their basic phone plans that offers free text, talk, and data. According to an article publish in Venturebeat FreedomPop is now offering completely free usage of the popular messaging app WhatsApp regardless of how much data or texting they have left on their plan. Unfortunately, this new program is only being launched in Spain for the time being, however their other plans are available in England and around the United States. WhatsApp currently has over a billion users and its owned by the popular social platform Facebook.

Facebook and WhatsApp went under fire a few years ago when the fight for net neutrality was heard around the world, and because WhatsApp is owned by Facebook who was being accused of supporting those with access to a “superior” service WhatsApp has been banned in certain markets. However, the population of Spain reports that nearly 70% of their mobile users consistently use WhatsApp as their main messaging system which is why FreedomPop has decided to offer their users free access. FreedomPop also took a separate route from other mobile networks who have attempted to partner with WhatsApp. As it stands FreedomPop has not partnered with the Facebook owned app and instead has taken their own independent route by offering a model that isn’t being propelled by Facebook. The mobile network giant is not ruling out the possibility of offering this type of service to other countries but because of Spain’s high usage pf WhatsApp FreedomPop’s initial launch will help gain more traction in Europe.

Originating in Los Angeles FreedomPop launched in 2011 with an idea in mind that everyone should be able to communicate with other people despite income. Their base plan which costs absolutely nothing offers 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB of data each month. Users can add additional minutes, texts, or data for as low as a penny a month and FreedomPop allows any type of phone from a previous service, but they also offered refurbished smartphones at a lower price.

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