Growing Pains for Venezuela

The South American country of Venezuela has been struggling lately with food shortages, energy blackouts and increasing temperatures. This is one reason that David Osio relocated to the US many years ago. Osio’s opinion is that El Nino’s effects have raised temperatures throughout Latin America, which is putting pressure on the energy supply system for the entire country.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has ordered the country’s more than 1 million public administration employees to take Fridays off for the next two months, in an effort to reduce the country’s use of electricity and to remove the burden on the country’s power grid.

Venezuela gets, fully, 70 percent of its electricity from hydro-electric generating stations. President Maduro has gone as far as recommending, jokingly, that females let their hair dry naturally instead of using blow dryers. Maduro does not want to be forced to place restrictions on his citizens by forced electrical rationing. See NPR report here: Your text to link…

Venezuela has, also, been experiencing inflation due to the country’s economy which is dependent on its petroleum production.

The standard of living has been increasing under Maduro’s government, but the effect of El Nino and the strain on the power reserves, placed there by the use of air conditioners, hair dryers and other electrical devices and appliances has made life difficult in this tropical country.



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  1. As the global price for petroleum drops, the economy and the value of the currency in Venezuela follows suit. He has, also, asked for help from his citizens in reducing their personal electrical consumption. It is also very easy for to do the needful for them and make sure it works completely all right.

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