How Neurocore Can Help Patients With ADHD And Other Mental Health Issues

Many children have ADHD. They can feel overwhelmed and can suffer meltdowns over what seem to be rather minor issues to others. They can also have difficulty sleeping as the feeling of being overloaded in life carries over to their thoughts at night. One child that was diagnosed with ADHD was Jackson Pojeski. His mom, Tiffany Pojeski, said he suffered from these symptoms and would often express to her how frustrated he felt over things. Tiffany ended up taking her son to Neurocore. She says it made an absolute difference in their lives. Jackson did 40 treatment sessions and he is now really happy and doing well. Read more about Neurocore at

Rochell Fintelman is a clinical specialist for Neurocore. She says that her clinic often treats people with the same issues that Jackson was having. To treat this they use a brain training program which people find eventually relieves them of the symptoms they are having. The program uses neurofeedback which includes the monitoring of their brain activity during their treatment sessions. The program also includes biofeedback which involves showing their patients how to take a step back and breathe deeply. This combination eventually retrains their brains. Follow Neurocore on

Many children diagnosed with ADHD are only taking a prescription to treat it. They should be taking the prescription and getting behavioral therapy, though, as that is the best practice. After completing the course of brain training at Neurocore many people find that they can reduce or even eliminate the medicine that they are taking on a daily basis.

Beyond ADHD, Neurocore can also help people of all ages with other mental issues such as anxiety, depression, autism, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The company was founded in 2004 and now has two offices in Florida and six offices in Michigan. The treatment sessions involve hooking the patients up to brain monitoring equipment and then they watch a movie. When their brain is correctly balanced the movie plays and when it becomes unbalanced the movie gets paused. Once the brain becomes balanced again the movie restarts. Having a balanced brain is rewarded which retrains the brain.