Igor Cornelsen Advice on Stock Market Investment

Igor Cornelsen is from the South American nation of Brazil. Igor is the founder and manager of Bainbridge Investments Inc. His main job is to direct clients on lucrative long term investments.

He has extensive experience in this field having worked for many years under some big financial institutions, helping them with investments decisions, especially in the stock market. He later left the banking sector and started his own investments to help more people make good investment decisions.

Igor advice to his clients is not to put their money in companies that are dying. He instead advocates for investments in damaged stocks which have a possibility of gaining value. They can then sell them and realize profits.

The reasoning behind such a decision is that damaged stocks are cheap and they usually pick when the economic conditions stabilize. However, on the contrary, dying companies are the worst to invest in. they usually do not recover appropriately for investors to reclaim their initial investment or profits.

Igor Cornelsen warns against such a move since it highly likely to blow your money. Igor explains that long term investments require shrewd investors who can figure out the state of a stock and make the appropriate decision on whether to buy or sell.

It is his experience that has seen him master the stock market patterns and learn the appropriate time to strike. His experience also enables him to know challenges that a particular investment may encounter well in advance.

Igor advice on investments is unrivaled. One of his greatest achievements is in steering Burger King, a company in the United States, to the level it is today, it is through his advice that they have been able to grow from a little unknown company to become one of the leading companies in the US.

While he is not working Igor Cornelsen plays golf. He spends most of his time in South Florida. He is also known to be good in foreign exchange market. He advises clients on which currencies to invest in, going by the fundamental factors affecting particular currencies.

He offers investment advice to both individuals and corporations. He has as well been featured by renowned business magazines for his contributions.

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