James Dondero Combines Efforts With Linda Owen, Dallas Civic Leader in Increasing Highlands Capital Management, L.P.’s Generous Giving

The president and co-founder of the Dallas-based hedge fund management company, James Dondero has decided to team up with the civic leader in Dallas in a quest to expand the charitable giving back to society. Linda Owen is the former director and president of the Woodall Rodgers Foundation park that provides strategic a very favorable strategic direction that the highlands capital management activities in philanthropies as the charitable program of the company continues to increase. Linda Owen tweeted that it is one of the rarest and most incredible opportunity to work together with the firm and to look forward to a greater impact giving to the society.

From the commencement day, Linda Owen began to serve the company as the new manager in the Charity department and will commence its operation with the Dallas Foundation that will administer the funds for the charity dedicated from charitable giving fund.

James Dondero said that they had expanded their charity and philanthropic activities from by acknowledging the need for a humanitarian professional to act on behalf f the company and foresee the events come to their greater heights. The charitable funds increment will make more significant impacts as well as opportunities in the world of charity. He also says that Linda has had a professional ethic as well as proven track record of her career in charity in making an effective partnership between public and private partnership to enhance to make a difference in the community as a whole in a tangible way.

In a statement, Linda Owen remarked that the commitment of the Highland capital management foundation to society is immense and inspiring. In all the work that the firm is conducting that are related to work is very immense. The employees are ready to give their time are resources to come up with solutions so creative towards the benefit of society. She goes further t affirm that she is thankful for the opportunity to work with the great firm and will dedicate her life towards a thoughtful and dedicated giving to bring an impact in the modern society.

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