James Dondero: ‘Money’

James Dondero is a certified management accountant (CMA), a chartered financial analyst (CFA), and an investor. The American businessman is perhaps most well-known as one of the co-founders of the company named HCM or Highland Capital Management. He co-launched he venture back in 1993 with a long-time friend and associate James Okada. Dondero is responsible for supervising hedge funds and distressed investments.

James Dondero presently resides in Dallas, Texas.He has over 30 years of work experience in the areas of both credit and equity markets. Various internet sources report his success is largely due to his formal education. Follow James on Linkedin.

After he graduated from his high school, Dondero decided to head for college. He went to UV (the University of Virginia.) to study accounting and finance. He completed his undergraduate degree.

His related skills have already netted him several different career-related awards. Those honors presently include the Lipper Award and the Morningstar Award. He was also officially nominated for a seat on the executive board of SMU (the Southern Methodist University).

He earned said position because he reportedly proved that he was dedicated to improving the education of young students in his hometown of Dallas. This interest in community service is nothing new. Friends and neighbors state that Dondero has been involved with the educational institution for some time now.

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He has been an active supporter of many of MSU’s policies. Dondero had his hand in the college library construction too. He has previously told reporters that the educational institution has a significant influence on quite a few working professionals in the Dallas vicinity.

His company, Highland Capital Management, has specifically felt the positive impact. The company’s board includes almost 100 members from both the academic and non-academic sectors. Every year they gather a total of three times.

These individuals are charged with the responsibility of providing advice on many different subjects. Meanwhile, James Dondero also has been on the boards of such other institutions as Jernigan Capital, CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and MGM Studios. Dondero holds a seat on the boards of both NexPoint Residential Trust and NexBank. Read this article at barrons.com.