Ken Goodgame, The Man With The Midas Touch

About Ken Goodgame
As an influential operations manager, Goodgame’s strategy for success involves streamlined financial oversight, innovative marketing, smart business strategies and merchandising.

His primary focus is to deliver a balance of employee engagement, corporate alignment, quality assurance and critical performance indicators that bring about profit and improved performance. He also capitalizes on the ability to promote growth via quality improvements, leadership, cost analysis, and composed negotiations. His extensive experience gives him a veteran’s eye that assists him to avoid costly mistakes, stalls that customers often miss and shifts in the product market.
Ken Goodgame’s career background is filled with impressive achievements from powerhouse names in the home improvement and hardware industries respectively. His also known as the man with the Midas touch.

Ken Goodgame Career History
Hardlines D28 Product Merchant (1995 to 99)
While working as a Product Merchant, his method of hands-on roll up your sleeves style of leadership was a success. He often led store walks and trained store managers at every location he visited. He annually managed to visit all 220 store-opening tasks which were related to his department, and successfully led the firms’ expansion into Puerto Rico where he took overall vendor negotiations.

Home Depot, Atlanta, GA 1994 to 2002
During this period, Kenneth Goodgame made an increase of $18M in gross margins by designing functional rebates for power equipment engine suppliers. There were a first of its kind nationwide. The deal was born, priced, and executed by John Deere and Goodgame to manufacture and sell consumer tractors and mowers under Scotts brands. The deal added a clean $100M to the company’s top line.

Rubbermaid Cleaning 2002 to 2004
While working as the Senior Vice-President for Marketing, Goodgame’s leadership drove the business to a $490M growth in 18 months. He implemented new sales and marketing strategies, designed and launched several national ad campaigns for a national consumer promotion and product development.

President Of Baja Motorsports 2008 to 2010
Mr Goodgame was the President in charge of direct tools factory outlets for Techtronic Industries in North America. He managed to open 30 stores nationwide in a span of 2 years. Each store made average sales of $1M. Under his rule, the company made $5M in profit in its first year. Mr Kenneth Goodgame has a name that says it all.