Lime Crime Releases Incredible New Products

Lime Crime cosmetics company is known for their fun and funky makeup products. They have become incredibly popular because not many other companies off the variety of bright and unusual shades that they do. They are always creating new cosmetics to help their customers create looks that express their individual style. They are always working on products to add to their collections such as their new metallic lip shades that they have added to their Diamond Crushers collections.


The Diamond Crusher collection adds shimmer and shine to the cosmetics and with the addition of the metallic hues, they will create a stunning effect that will draw attention. They have developed shades such as Cleopatra which is a rose gold shade. Lime Crime didn’t just stop with cosmetics, however, they have recently begun to produce incredibly colored hair dye to add to their growing list of brightly colored product offerings.


Unicorn Hair is the name of their new hair dye line. It has yet to hit the shelves but is expected to be release sometime around April. The Unicorn Hair dye comes in eleven bold shades. Colors range from light pink to a deep rich purple. It is expected that Lime Crime loyalists will be waiting to buy them as soon as they are released for sale to the public. The jars of dye are priced at sixteen dollars each and will be available for purchase on Lime Crime’s website. With the release of exciting products such as these, fans of the company can’t help but wonder what they will come out with next.