New Brunswick NJ Police Use Modern Technology to Track Suspects in Quincy Circle Shootings

Pizzerias are accustom to getting the occasional prank calls for pizza orders. It’s a tradition for teens, college students and the occasional adult. There are times the pranks cost the driver the cost of the pizza, not to mention the wasted gas. It’s a sour note in the life of a delivery driver.


What isn’t in the job description is being robbed while attempting to deliver the pranked pizza order. Such was the case on November 20th, 2012, when a Brunswick Pizza delivery driver was accosted at N building of a housing complex on Quincy Circle in New Brunswick, NJ.


The driver was returning to his vehicle when he was approached by a trio who claimed they had actually ordered the pizza. The driver quickly found a handgun aimed at his forehead. The malcontent welding the handgun demanded the driver’s wallet, cash and the pizza. The driver, though he complied, was shot while being relieved of the pizza and personal property. The trio fled on foot to a nearby parking lot.


Witnesses informed police the trio then fled in an older model minivan. Police used the vehicle description, along with pinging cell towers in the vicinity of the assault to locate one of the individuals in question. Parysh Wood aka P-Gun/Pistol, was charged with the November 2012 robbery in April 2013, while in Middlesex County Jail on unrelated charges of robbing other pizza delivery drivers.


A string of nine pizza delivery driver robberies covered five cities beginning in Mid-November 2012. Police believe a woman, possibly Justina Hampton, who was also arrested in relation to the robberies, would call in the phony pizza orders to lure the drivers into an ambush. Other persons of interest were being investigated at the time articles appeared on news source websites such as New Brunswick Today and South Brunswick Path.


Quincy Circle has been a hot spot for criminal activity for years. The night of October 5th, 2015 would be no different. Police responded to the report of three to four gun shots around 9:30pm. A while later, an individual suffering from a non-life threatening bullet wound walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The suspect in the shooting was described simply as a man wearing a hoodie fleeing on foot. Police would return to the scene of the shooting the following morning when alerted to additional bullet casings being discovered.