Oncortargets efforts to reach a wider audience

Oncortaget has become an integral part of medical researcher’s lives, thanks to their free, all rounded journals. They publish their papers in online platforms to help push scientific results to a broader audience and shrink the border between bio medics. The journal is led by prominent researchers who assist their counterparts in their contribution to science and help foster a life without diseases.

In a recent report, the journal gave reassurance to readers that all their publications will be available on PubMed Central, PubMed, Biological Abstracts, EMBASE and BIOSIS Previews. One of the oncortarget`s goals of becoming the first research journal to deliver an issue to PubMed days after it is published online is now achievable.

The journal collaborates with reputable archives and scientific indexes to allow for a rapid and wider availability of the scientific research to the general public, practitioners and medical researchers. Oncortarget`s pieces appear twice a week and cover a detailed analysis on oncology. They as well handle topics beyond the subject by publishing subsections on ageing, microbiology, pathology, autophagy, and chromosomes. Since 2010, they have managed to release 324 issues on seven volumes and are in their eighth volume today. For all published papers, a direct object identifier-DIO is issued, and recommendations by COPE-Committee on Public Ethics applied.

Some of the journal`s items include that of cancer statistics globally. According to research, cancer has contributed to approximately 13% deaths worldwide. Half of all the cancer cases and 66% of the deaths reported are experienced in developing states. For instance, of the 12.7 million cancer reports that occurred in 2008, seven million were reported in developing countries.

Several sectors have benefited from the results of this study. These includes drug screening agencies, cancer research institutes, and the quantifiers of the cancer cells in the different stages. Before 2020, it is alleged that of the 15-17 million cases of cancer reported annually, 60-70% of such will be rampant In the weak economies.

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