Organizations Advocating For Civil, Human and Immigrant Rights

Modern global society has embraced the concept of equal rights, equal opportunities amongst all regardless of gender, race or other affiliations. Right to religion, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of belief, rights of association and right of assembly and petition among others, should now be enjoyed by all. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

However, this has not been the case as many still continue to experience discrimination and other human rights abuses. These occurrences have been the engines that have led to the creation of organizations and groups that fight for civil, human and migrant rights globally. Below are some of such organizations.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

ACLU has played a significant part in championing for human rights since its inception in 1920. From its New York city headquarters, the organization has remained in the forefront defending and preserving constitutionally guaranteed human rights and liberties. ACLU was co-founded by Helen Keller, and Roger Baldwin and is currently led by Susan Herman and Anthony Romero as president and CEO respectively.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

It was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin following their arrest in 2007. The two, who are also the co-founders of popular publications in the region,were arrested by County Sheriff Deputies. Michael and Jim had, following their publication,received a notice demanding that they hand in all documents concerning the article.

They were released in less than 24 hours but later sued the county for unlawful arrests and won the petition. Lacey and Larkin received a settlement fee of $3.75 million which they have since used to fund organizations that advocate for human, civil and immigrant rights.

Advocates for Human Rights

Established in 1983, the organization has grown to expand its services globally. Advocate for Human Rights has continued to champion for the rights of women, children,immigrants and the minority groups. For over 30 years, this group has continued to make public cases of human rights’ abuse, represent both individuals and groups in court, as well as support other humanitarian organizations.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHILRA)

CHILRA was established in 1986 and is headquartered in California. The formation of this organization followed the approval of Immigration Reform and Control act. The Act made it unlawful for businesses to hire workers who do not have all the necessary registration documents.

This was seen as discrimination especially to immigrants and refugees thereby violating their human rights. CHILRA has continued to work tirelessly towards creating and supporting equal opportunities for all.

“The IBJ News Article on Equities First Holdings”

Equities First Holdings Makes the News

On May 19, 2008, Scott Olson of the Indianapolis Business Journal posted an article called (Downtown Firm Specializes in Unusual Loans: Equities First Holdings Sees Growing Demand for Stock Loans as Tight Credit Markets Make Borrowing Tougher). Starting out describing how the company’s office is set up, then going on to explain how they became so successful. The article also describes how Equities Al Christy Jr. of Equities First Holdings had numerous stock holdings of his that were being held for collateral. Making him all that more aware of how particular stocks were doing on the trade market. Further talking about it being a wise move to make, since he works for the company and has a great deal of knowledge on the subject. Telling how Christy shares this knowledge with his clients, who once receiving the information jump into action. To know more about the company click here.

Sunday House Call with Doctor Samadi Updating Viewers On Health and Wellness

Dr. David Samadi, already a Fox News contributor as an authority in the health and wellness will be the host of “Sunday House Call” on Fox News airing live at 12:30 pm ET every Sunday. The previous Sunday House Call program was such a success with its listeners the public welcomes the return of this Sunday feature programming.

In the medical field, Dr. David Samadi is not only a health and medical specialist, he has also written a book promoting health and wellness. Dr. Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. As a board-certified urologic oncologist, he is trained in the traditional and laparoscopic surgery and an expert in robotic prostate surgery. Priding himself in the early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer he is well-known globally for his successful treatment procedures.

Who Is Dr. David Samadi?

The doctor is quoted as saying, “Ever since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be a doctor; I knew I wanted to help people. I have always felt relentless in my ambition and it was evident that I would have to work extremely hard.” Work hard is what Dr. Samadi has done to achieve his success in saving lives.

Dr. Samadi received his degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University before he began his medical studies at Stony Brook School of Medicine, graduating in 1994. Non-stop, Dr. Samadi continued his pursuit doing his postgraduate work at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein Collete of Medicine.

Successfully, in 2001, Dr. Samadi completed his studies in proctology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and started his studies in robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France. Since that time he has performed robotic surgical procedures in more than 45 countries. Today, his practice resides at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City but he has also practiced at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

To learn more about this phenomenal physician, visit his website at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. Better yet, watch Sunday House Call on Fox News every Sunday afternoon. Check your local directory for the time and channel in your area.

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The exemplary work of the U.S. Money Reserve in giving investment advice

The U.S. Money Reserve has expressed an interest in helping the victims of the Hurricane Harvey to regain their states of life back. In as much as about 82 people died in the catastrophe, the number of the people displaced was way more than that. There is very little that the company can offer to the dead but a lot can be done to the ones displaced. Hundreds of thousands of the victims left their places of residence without any property. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The people displaced do not have an idea how they will start on life. People with business lost properties that were worth billions of dollars. Receiving all these back may not be easy, but the companies that were not affected are working with the state government to assist where possible.

The U.S Money Reserve is calling upon the people of good will to come together and support the families and the Harvey residents that were affected by the hurricanes.

The collective purpose of the U.S. Money Reserve

Before the U.S. Money Reserve started off in the business of precious metals, it offered advice on different forms of investments and the right places to invest. The company offered professional views on how to set investment goals, the investment durations and the prospects of the investment choices.

Gaining the trust of the customers was one of the most remarkable things the company focused on. Because of its professionalism and the cooperation of the clients, the customers benefitted greatly from the pieces of advice that it gave to them.

Turning the trust into an investment

By the time that the U.S. Reserve decided to venture into the business of precious stones, it had already gained the trust of the customers that sought its advice. The investment choices came with a huge following since the organization had created a friendly relationship with the customers around. In reserve, the management and the customers operate more intimately.

The positive relationship created by the CEO has led a good working culture within the organization. The company started with less than 10000 customers in 2002. With the quality of its operations, the number of customers has escalated from 10000 to 400000 in about 15 years.

This achievement is not light. With the endorsement of the government, the number of customers is expected to rise in the future, and the operations could expand to other countries.

Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Facebook


Hussain Sajwani, the Dubai Entrepreneur Remaking the Emirates Sky

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati billionaire born in the early 1950s. He is the founder and the CEO of the property development company DAMAC Properties. He is a top billionaire and one of the richest Arabs.


Hussain Sajwani had a good start in life and a good example. His father was an entrepreneurial man running his own shop in which he sold imported Chinese goods. Because of his father’s business, Hussain Sajwani had the opportunity to get a government scholarship in the United States where he earned his bachelor’s degree from the Univerity of Washington in Industrial Engineering and Economics.


Sajwani’s career began in 1981 with the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. In 1983, he started a catering venture called Global Logistic Services with big clients, including the U.S. military. In 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, one of the largest real estate companies in the Arabic countries. The DAMAC owner, Sajwani, saw non-Emiratis as main customers and used the chance to sell apartments to them. The first building he constructed was a 38-story apartment complex. In less than six months before construction, he sold all the units of the future building. Since then, his business has skyrocketed and shaped the Dubai skyline as a jewel of the Middle East.


In 2013, Hussain Sajwani started working with Donald Trump. In collaboration, they developed the two Trump golf Courses in Dubai. The Internation Golf Course opened up in 2017 as well as the Trump World Golf Course, designed by Tiger Woods. The Sajwani family are good family friends to the Trumps and have been guests at the Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate.


The DAMAC Properties company has created numerous living and commercial projects throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. DAMAC has built two developments in Dubai with 100 million square feet property in between them. DAMAC Hills is its biggest project located in Dubailand. It is a 42-million-square feet complex of mansions, villas, homes, and apartments. DAMAC also has five hospitality properties with two more to open up in the near future.


Among the many philanthropy initiatives, Hussain Sajwani has provided support to children who lack clothing. He gave two million dollars to the AED, which is enough money to clothe 50,000 children.


Connect with Hussain Sajwani on twitter.

Growth of real estate developer, Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a highly experienced entrepreneur in the real estate sector. He is licensed by the authorities as an agent, developer, and investor. Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Real Estate Company, to help investors and homeowners in the Miami area buy and sell real estate properties. Since starting the company, it has recorded success in all its fronts. Metrik Real Estate Company was started in 2002. The company has taken part in some of the biggest real estate projects in Miami.

Long before starting his company, Samuel Strauch worked in his family-owned real estate company. It is at this time that he grew interests in a career in real estate industry. His time at the family-owned business helped him learn the basics of the industry. He learned how to development and investment in the real estate sector works.

Samuel Strauch studied international business at the Hofstra University, New York. After his studies, Samuel Strauch moved back to Miami, Florida. He also attended other institutions of higher learning including the Harvard University and the Erasmus University.

Samuel Strauch has been in the real estate industry as a professional for 14 years now. In all these years, he has gained a lot experience. He has worked as a real estate agent for Affinity Realty Group. In all of his business transactions, he has maintained the integrity and all transactions are above board. Strauch is ranked among the best real estate agents in the Miami. He has made a name especially when it comes to sales of condos. His company Metrik real estate has been very successful in all the investments he has taken part in. Most of his investments or property he is associated with is found at the coastline of Florida.

Metrik Real Estate as a real estate company provides services such as; equity sourcing, real estate development, real estate management and acquisitions and finally real estate brokerage. His firm has been successful for encouraging teamwork, professionalism and extensive knowledge on the matter of real estate.

Samuel Strauch identified Miami as an investment destination due to the transformation that the area was seen at the time he starting his company. Miami was transforming from a normal town into a beach metropolis. Miami was also witnessing a lot of activity in the development of real estate property at the same time.

Today, Miami is the number one holiday destination in the United States. It attracts many real estate investors who are investing millions of dollars in developing and buying property.

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Boraie Development Urbanizing New Brunswick

Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation sponsored the Free Summer Movies Series 2016. The event ran from 12th July to 26th July and featured family movies such as Frozen and Aladdin. The event aimed at bringing together families and the community at large to allow them for bonding over a film for free. The venue of choice was the State Theatre, a movie establishment that has served New Jersey for more than nine decades. Despite being old, the State Theatre has embraced modern film technology and offers moviegoers an unmatched experience. In an interview with the New Jersey Stage, Omar Boraie expressed his excitement about the event that would enable social interaction within the community.


For close to 45 years, Boraie Development has contributed to the transformation of New Brunswick. The company focuses on four primary business units, property management, real estate development, urban investments and sales, and marketing. Boraie Development purposes to create magnificent properties and providing excellent customer experience. Over the years, Boraie has leveraged strong relationships with architects, contractors, and financial service providers to deliver successful and timely projects.


With each project, Boraie commits to being a reliable, stable, and visionary partner. For this reason, the company has established a name as one of the most prominent property developers in New Jersey. The Boraie projects target resident, financial institutions, and resident who share a commitment to long-term ownership. The property management segment of the business encompasses marketing, maintenance, leasing, administration, accounting, and customer services. To date over $150 million has been realized in sales of residential and commercial properties. With great synergies between the sales and marketing and the property development segments, Boraie creates properties that meet the market needs and set trends. The urban investment arm seeks to cater for the increasing economic demands of the neighborhoods and diverse metropolitan areas that Boraie enter. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


The proprietor, Omar Boraie actualized a vision he had for New Brunswick forty years back. Then, the streets were not as lively, and most of the activities slowed down by 4 p.m. Omar Boraie saw an opportunity for growth in the area and soon after began purchasing some delipidated buildings within the city. For some people, his vision was crazy, far-fetched, and unattainable. Fascinated by the properties he saw in Europe as a visiting student, Omar Boraie purposed to recreate the same in New Brunswick. By the 1980’s and 1990’s, Omar Boraie’s vision for New Brunswick began shaping with developments such as Albany Street Plaza Tower One. The property increased the number of high-end office spaces in the city. Omar also noticed the need for residential units to support the continued growth. The One Sprig Street Condominium building imitates a New York-style living and has 121 residential units. The Aspire, Boraie Development’s latest project is a high-end residential property along Somerset Street.


As the New Brunswick transforms, Boraie Development continues to cater to the needs of the working class and the students in the area. Currently, plans are underway to develop housing units for young professionals. Check out his page



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The Academy of Art University: The Future of Fashion Design

The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University hosted its 21st annual runway show on September 9, 2017. Talented BFA and MFA graduates gathered at Skylight Clarkson Square during New York Fashion Week. The runway show presented five female and two male collections.



The designers came from a wide variety of unique backgrounds and demonstrated impressive craftsmen techniques. The participators used their knowledge they learned from classes, workshops, and internships to make the runway show a great success. The audience at the runway show included the peers of the designers, career mentors, and fashion enthusiasts. Mrs. J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model also attended the runway show.



The Academy of Art University NYFW show featured MFA and BFA design graduates from California. Dina Marie Lam created designs with warmth and comfort. Eden Slezin focused on vintage denim. He used recycled rubber bike tubes from Sports Basements, extra fabrics from Armour Vert, and donated fabric from Cone Denim. Joanna Jadallah was inspired by the culture of her ancestors in Palestine. Her design material included lightweight wool, lambskin leather, and cashmere knits. Carlos Rodriguez combined hand and machine embroidery techniques to give his designs a more unique texture.



The runway show also featured several MFA fashion design graduates from China. Jelly Shan interned at Max Studio and presented a girly and edgy look. Ryan Yu used a contrast of black and white to create futuristic silhouettes. Saya Shen used Kornit Digital to incorporate landscape photographs into her fabric. Hailun Zhou designed outwear pieces of separates and dresses using vinyl and PVC.



The Academy of Art University has been inspiring and teaching artists in San Francisco since 1929. Their easy admission process makes it simple for art students to receive the training they need. Student will receive professional training in a creative environment. Artists are also encouraged to develop their own style and blend personal talent with professional knowledge.



The admissions process at the Academy of Art University is easy, quick, and hassle-free. Prospective students need a high school diploma or GED. Acceptable documentation includes official transcripts from a high school or home school program. The school will also accept a California High School Proficiency Exam letter.



The Academy of Art University offers a Bachelor and Master degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree includes concentrations in Fashion Styling, Textile Design, and Fashion Product Development. The Master of Fine Arts degree provides advanced training in knitwear, design, and merchandising textile.



Lacey and Larkin Found a Migrant-Rights Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times, a local newspaper, and Village Voice Media, a multimillion-dollar media conglomerate. Since the early 70s, the duo has challenged the ultra-conservative viewpoints of the Arizonan culture; in particular, its negative opinion about Latino migrants.

Nearly ten years ago, Lacey and Larkin stood against a local sheriff, who was hell-bent on erasing his name from their paper. What ensued was one of the most brutal attacks on the First Amendment in the last 20 years. The result of which ended with the duo being awarded a $3.75 million settlement.

The duo targeted Sheriff Arpaio unnatural behavior, making Arpaio very angry. The battle between the two sides lasted for a while until Arpaio completely crossed the line. His actions sparked national outrage; eventually leading to Lacey and Larkin establishing the Frontera Fund. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports groups that fight for civil, human, and migrant rights in Arizona. Sadly, Arizona has a bad reputation for mistreating Latinos; especially if they migrated to this country. The duo views their victory against Arpaio as a step toward a better future for all migrants.

The details about Lacey and Larkin’s arrest continued to spill out until the court case ended. As the country found out more, their arrest sounded more like a gang-related kidnapping. Both men were dragged from their homes in the middle of the night and forced into unmarked SUVs. Then they were taken to separate jails, where Arpaio tried to break them.

The last nail in Arpaio’s coffin was his attempt to force the duo into giving up their employees and readers. Arpaio used false subpoenas, signed by a crooked prosecutor, to confiscate all notes and materials concerning his activities that Phoenix New Times reported.

It’s understandable why Sheriff hated Lacey and Larkin so much. Their paper wrote several articles about how horrible of a sheriff Arpaio was. In fairness, he was a terrible sheriff. Not because he couldn’t do the job, but because he abused his power. He abused Latino countless times, even unconstitutionally detaining them. He was even responsible the mistreatment and deaths of some of his jail inmates.

Thankfully, Phoenix New Times didn’t ignore Arpaio like everyone else did. No one wanted to talk about the wrong things that Arpaio did on a regular basis until Lacey and Larkin stood against him.

Adam Milstein’s Accomplishments as a Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is a renowned businessman who has earned a fortune by investing in the real estate sector. He is an Israeli-American and has been appreciated for supporting members of his community who are based in the United States. Milstein was born in Israel and was even part of the IDF troops during the Tom Kippur War in 1973. He relocated with his wife to the U.S in 1981 to seek better economic opportunities. The entrepreneur holds a degree in business and economics from a university in Israel and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Milstein kicked off his career as a real estate professional by being a sales agent and has risen to serve Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. The company has its clients’ base is in Southern California where it has been managing commercial and industrial real estates. It has acquired and developed several underutilized properties. Adam has been handling accounting, planning, and financing operations at Hager Pacific Properties. His accomplishments as an entrepreneur in the sector have made him a role model to his peers.

Besides being an established businessman, Milstein has given back to the community for over two decades. He has been practicing ma’aserrishon, which is a Jewish culture whereby people are needed to donate 10 percent of their revenue to charity. The entrepreneur has co-owned Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife since 2002. His wife also runs a separate charity that is known as SifriyatPijama B’ and has offered Jewish children books that educate them about their culture. She has managed to reach more than 15,000 Israeli-American families.

Most of Milstein’s charity work is dedicated to supporting the Israeli-American community. He was on the frontline in the founding of the Israel-America Council (IAC), which has been essential in strengthening relationships between the two nations. Over 100,000 Israel-American had volunteered to participate in the activities of the organization by 2012. Adam has been appointed to the boards of foundations such as Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, and AIPAC National Council. His family’s charity offers $1 million annually to support the Israeli-American community.