Ross Abelow: A Man With Heart for the Strays of New York City

Not many people would automatically associate a lawyer with charity work. This is a gross error as some lawyers do care. You might even say that some lawyer’s were driven by their hearts to pursue their careers, like New York Attorney Ross Abelow. Abelow is a well-renown attorney, but recently he wanted people to turn to something else that matters to his heart. He launched a GoFundMe to help animal shelters keep doing the great work that they have been doing for strays.

Uncovering Ross Abelow

Most people know Ross Abelow through some of his successes that he usually attributes to his many professors and mentors that have given him enough knowledge to continue. Abelow is an expert in family law, entertainment law, as well as commercial litigation. Yet that is not where he draws the line because Abelow believes that his expertise should be shared. This is what promoted him to become an active blogger.

Blogging and giving away some helpful information to people is something that he is passionate about. Sure, some people use the information without consulting with him, but this does not matter to him. It is this giving heart that gets lost between acquaintances that have hired him and those who truly know Ross.

Ross and His GoFundMe Project

Abelow has been active in his community of New York City in different ways, but he felt that he had not done enough for the strays of the city. This is partly one of the reasons that he decided to launch this GoFundMe campaign. He felt that it was important that animals shelters had enough resources to help some of the animals in the city, especially in the winter.

Abelow is well aware of just how cold the winters can get in New York City, especially in the last few years. He is worried that the temperatures are simply going to get worse. The campaign started in January 13, and his goal is to reach $5,000 dollars. Abelow has been in contact with some animal shelters in the city and found out just how distressed some of these facilities are. Some cannot fully provide blankets, vaccines, or medical care to the animals that arrive.

Ross hopes to raise awareness about the plight some of these animals are dealing with in New York City, and he hopes that his small campaign can make a significant difference.

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