Securus’s Video Visitation App a Game Changer in Prison Visitation Services.

Securus Video Visitation allows users to have a more convenient access to their incarcerated loved ones. The application allows you to pre-schedule an online visit. If you have someone close and incarcerated, and you have not used the app, think about the benefits you can gain. The app saves you the time you use to travel to the jail and waiting in long queues just to see the person you are interested to see. The Securus Video Visitation app allows you to schedule your next visit at your conveniences instead of your program being limited to the strict visitation times.



One critical advantage of the app is that the incarcerated person feels like he is part of you at home even when they can’t be. At-Home Visitation is a simple application that only requires you to have a web camera connected to the internet. The other way of video visitation is Onsite Video Visitation. This method is similar to the traditional through-the-glass visitation where you are only allowed to pre-schedule your time of visit. The method lets you save time by reducing the waiting time.



Imagine the world where you don’t have to move inmates, no visitors waiting long lines, and where inmate visitation is managed in a digital way. There are plenty of efficiencies to be gained by eliminating manual tasks and replacing with a digitally managed service. One benefit the security officers in the jail can have is to concentrate on the safety of inmates. These benefits can all be gained through a Securus Video Visitation app.



When inmates can share everyday events such as watching cartoons, reviewing homework, celebrating birthdays and opening presents on Christmas, they are linked to their loved ones. Studies have proven that there is a connection between maintaining relationships of inmates with their loved ones and to reducing recidivism. Securus Visitation app also has the ability for live monitor and records visits. This capability can both be used to create new investigating opportunities and also have a positive impact on reducing violence within the jail.



Securus Technologies has recorded incredible growth recently including acquisition and hiring of new staff. On January 2016, the company added new senior sales executives to help the company achieve its goals in delivering the over 800 products to the law enforcement and corrections sectors. The company also acquired JPay, Inc. in 2015 to increase Securus customer base as well as providing new products such as payment platforms and digital media services.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.