Shaquille O’Neal to Build Apartments

Shaquille O’Neal has expressed interest in Atlantic City. Even though he is not on any blacklist, there is a waiting period of a few months in order for him to know whether or not they will allow him to come to Atlantic City. He is in talks with Wasseem Boraie in order to build The Beach at South Inlet which is a $61 million apartment complex. As of right now, the Casino Redevelopment Authority is planning to make extensions to an expiration date of a loan for evaluation of the proposal. Therefore, Shaq is going to have to wait a little bit before they come to a decision.

Wesseem Boraie is the executive vice president of Boraie Development LLC. His company has been involved in plenty of projects that brought forth improve property value to the City of Newark. For one thing, community is very important and Wesseem Boraie understands the importance of property value to the community. For this reason, he has taken on projects with the purpose of renovating the city. As of right now, Boraie Development LLc is taking on around 10 projects in order to further improve the community.

Wesseem Boraie has talked about the importance of the economy. One thing that he corrected about the city is that the people have believed that there was one major project that would cause an economic boom. However, Boraie believed in the power of smaller projects in order to bring in more people for the city. As a result, there would be a greater opportunity due to the increase of visitors and residents. As of right now, Shaq is looking to help with the projects in order to improve the economy of the city. Given that Shaq is one of the more prominent figures in sports, just his presence is sure to improve the economy and community of the city he is moving to.

There are certain factors that cities have to deal with when it comes to projects. For one thing, projects are rather difficult to finish up. There is also the impatience and restlessness of investors that they have to deal with.

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