The Excellent Marketing Strategies that are used by Fabletics

Fabletics is a firm that is recognized for the top notch clothing line that it owns. The enterprise was started in 2013, and Kate Hudson is one of its co-founders. Fabletics has been making significant profits for the past three years that it has been in the sector. It has majored in offering a variety of athleisure wear and accessories. The products that it offers are of the best quality and also affordable to the consumer. The company strives to ensure that all its clothes are highly comfortable, stylish, trendy, and long lasting. It has currently attracted over one million subscribers on its online platform and is competing with renown fitness apparel providers such as Lululemon and Athleta. The firm also sells its products at a half the price that has been set by its competitors.


Fabletics has been devoted to meeting the after sales needs of the clients unlike many other brands in the sector. Its customer service has enabled its subscription plan to become very famous. The online platform of the company requires new subscribers to answer a few question when they are signing up. The survey that they take enables the firm’s staff to understand their preferences. The data that is collected assist the company to offer products that fulfill the needs of the market. Fabletics allows its clients to subscribe as either VIP or regular members. The company offers customized products at a discounted price to all its subscribers. Various treats are available to VIP members. They include free accessories, shipping, and returns. Fabletics’ website is flexible, and it enables the clients to skip a month when they do not wish to buy any products.


Apart from the e-commerce stores, Fabletic currently runs about 18 brick and mortar shops that are distributed across the United States. The physical stores have increased the accessibility of the firm, and its will be launching 12 more in 2017. According to statistics, over 50 percent of the consumers prefer to buy commodities from physical stores even though several online shops offer a wide array of products. Brick and mortar stores enable one to try different features of a product such as color, texture, and size. Fabletics’ online and physical stores have made huge profits for the past three years, and its worth was estimated to be $250 million in 2016. Reverse showrooming has also facilitated the growth and return of the firm.


Fabletics has been using the reverse showrooming technique whereby it invites individuals who browse for products online to visit its brick and mortar stores. The program has enabled the firm to increase its subscribers and also develop healthy relationships with them. Kate Hudson believes that having great marketing strategies is essential in building a brand. Her company offers the clients monthly packages that contain excellent products, which match their preferences. Fabletics determines the fashion taste of its customers by analyzing the sales data that is collected from its online and physical stores as well as social media sentiments that are made by people.