The Success Of InnovaCare Health In The Provision Of Medicare Advantage Plans

There exist differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Original Medicare. In terms of cost, under the original Medicare, an individual has to pay Medicare premiums, coinsurance and deductibles. Under the Medicare Advantage Plans, individuals pay Medicare Premiums and his or her plan’s premium as the plan sets the copay and deductibles. With the Original Medicare, one can purchase a Medigap policy. However, with the Medicare Advantage Plan, one cannot buy a Medigap policy to assist in offsetting one’s out-of-pocket costs. The Original Medicare does not provide for specified services such as dental care, hearing and vision services. Instead, it only covers outpatient and inpatient healthcare that is medically necessary. With the Medicare Advantage Plan, one may be covered against some services such as hearing, dental care and vision.

With Original Medicare, one can visit any hospital or doctor within the United States that recognizes Medicare. Individuals with HMOs that have local network of providers must use the plan to cover for their care. In case one gets outside the network, he or she should use PFFS and PPOs. However, one will pay more. The Original Medicare does not cover drugs. However, if one wants coverage on Medicare prescription drug, such as individual should purchase a separate Part D plan. Under the Medicare Advantage Plan, an individual is not provided with a separate Part D plan if he or she has the plan.

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About InnovaCare Health

In North America, InnovaCare Health is known for its success at managing healthcare services. The company enhances its healthcare services courtesy of Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage. InnovaCare integrates technologies in creating sustainable models in order to guarantee quality healthcare that is cost-effective and sustainable. In order to meet the day-to-day challenges of healthcare and provide patients with quality healthcare services, InnovaCare continues to undertake extensive research. At InnovaCare, teams make the most impact, management of healthcare works best and leading physicians enhance networks and medical practices.

InnovaCare has registered impressive growth because of experienced leadership, corporate integrity and accomplishment of result-oriented goals. The CEO of InnovaCare Health is Rick Shinto. Previously, he worked at Aveta, NAMM, Medical Pathways Management Company and Med Partners among many other corporations. The head of administrative functions of InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides has a broad experience in developing clinical programs. She is also manages healthcare processes and operations with the objective of enhancing efficiency and organizational infrastructure. Richard and Penelope works with other leaders to manage the operations of the company. These leaders are Christopher Joyce, Michael Sortino, Douglas Malton and Jonathan Meyers.

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