UC Davis Learns Maintaining A Good Online Reputation Is Essential

Although the UC Davis University paid $175,000 to repair its reputation after pepper spray was used on a group of peaceful protesters, reports and videos of the incident continue to resurface. Maintaining a good online reputation and image requires a constant effort by businesses and organizations in order for the positive to outweigh any bad reviews, incident reports or damaging information. There should be a constant feed of positive information about an organization to its website, social media page and in the press as it announces events, new initiatives and respond to general queries and comments from the public. Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Lab, considers this part of Internet public relations. Status lab offers a variety of services that include digital marketing, reputation management, content automation, social media monitoring, search engine optimization and crisis response. An article in Dujour described his job as being a fixer, similar to Olivia Pope on the popular television series Scandal. The UC Davis dilemma was used to emphasize the importance of Google Search ranking.http://www.ninjaessays.org/

The company hired to suppress the pepper spray incident had attempted to lessen the effect by manipulating search engine results which is much more difficult to do then believed. The pepper spray incident resurfaced when UC Davis tried to raise money by admitting more nonresident students. In Dujour, Darius Fisher (https://twitter.com/fisherdarius) said the biggest mistake organization make is their like of preparation. The creation and promotion of new content provides fresh, relevant information relating to the individual, company or organization and be recognized by Google’s algorithm because of user engagement, which is a heavy factor. Personal websites, social media profiles, dynamic video content, press releases and relevant industry news earn hits.

Status Labs has more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries and have received honorable mentions in the New York Times and Yahoo News. Darius Fisher was among the Innovation 50 for 2015 which recognizes the top Public Relations and digital communication rising stars. His strategic vision, partnerships with agencies and influencers and recruitment of sales and account management teams helps Status Labs to continue to grow and increase its success.

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